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10 best steam inhalers

Do you want to get rid of breathing difficulties without the need to take medication? Then personal steam inhalers are the perfect choice for you. Whether it’s a cold, flu, allergies, or breathing problems, inhaling the vapor is a quick and effective way to go. Steam inhalers are mostly compact and run on batteries or electricity. They can be used for various purposes. Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading.

Before we look at the top 10 steam inhalers, let’s first understand the difference between a steam inhaler and a humidifier.

Steam inhaler vs humidifier

Whether it’s humidifiers, vaporizers, aromatherapy diffusers or steam inhalers, they all perform a similar function, that is, they introduce moisture into the atmosphere. However, the mechanism and purpose of each product is different. Humidifiers and steam inhalers serve the same purpose (to increase humidity), but they are slightly different.

Humidifiers do not include a heating element and increase the level of humidity without raising the temperature. Steam inhalers are a type of vaporizers that increase both humidity and air temperature. Steam inhalers can release moisture directly into the user’s sinuses and lungs, while humidifiers break up water into tiny particles that can be inhaled. Steam inhalers are effective in getting short-term results, unlike humidifiers.

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 electric steam inhalation machines you can buy.

Advantages of steam inhalers

Inhalation therapy has been around since ancient times and plays an important role in providing relief from various health problems. Some of the benefits of steam inhalers are as follows:

  • Steam inhalations are commonly recommended by doctors to relieve the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, respiratory allergies, etc. Steam inhalers use warm and moist air to clear the airways and they restore the functioning of the respiratory system.
  • The heat generated by steam inhalers raises body temperature, thereby improving blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Increased blood flow in the body leads to the elimination of toxins, and this relieves the symptoms of severe headaches or migraines.
  • Steam inhalers also help in enhancing physical beauty. The steam reduces pimples and blackheads on the face by opening clogged pores on the skin and removing accumulated dirt, thus making the skin look young and bright.

There are certain factors to consider before purchasing a steam inhaler.

How to choose the best steam inhaler?


Different steam inhalers are designed to serve different purposes. So, your choice of a steam inhaler should depend on the need, i.e. whether you need a steamer to clean your face or to clean your airways.

Steam generation

Some inhalers have an automated vapor generation system, while some inhalers have adjustable volume and vapor flow. So, you need to choose an inhaler according to the purpose.

Ease of use

Steam inhalers should be easy to operate or use. There are various types of vapor inhalation devices. They can run on batteries or from a power source; they may have timer settings or some sort of position to adjust the intensity of the steam. Whatever these features, steam inhalers should be chosen based on their ease of use.

The size

The size of a steam inhaler depends entirely on your ability to store, carry, and maintain it. If you travel frequently, you may want a compact and easy to carry device.


Your choice of buying a steam inhaler depends entirely on your budget. A basic steam inhaler can cost around $30, but high quality inhalers can cost around $200 or more.


The material from which the steam inhaler is made determines its durability. Most devices available on the market are made of plastic. Aluminum and stationary steam inhalers are much safer and more durable.


Some essential oils do wonders for opening up the airways. You need to choose a steam inhaler that has two chambers – one for storing water and the other for storing essential oils.


Because using a steam inhaler involves handling hot water and steam, you’ll either need to be extremely careful when handling it or opt for an inhaler that comes with a temperature control feature.

10 best electric steam inhalers

Steam inhaler B.Well WN-118

This compact vaporizer helps relieve symptoms of flu, colds, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. The steam generated from the sinus instantly releases the nasal, throat and sinus passages, making you breathe and feel at ease. The inhaler allows you to adjust the level of steam flow, and its design is ideal for travel. The warm mist of steam soothes the eyes and nostrils.


  • Adjustable settings
  • Auto-off function
  • Ease of use
  • Ideal for travel

Inhaler Pur Handheld

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MyPurMist Personal Steam sinus Inhaler produces a very fine mist that penetrates deep into sinus cavities and provides maximum relief for users with breathing problems. This device is portable, easy to use and produces almost 100% germ-free vapor.


  • Design and technology of hospital grade materials
  • Comfortable and soft mask
  • Provides instant and maximum relief

Facial inhaler/Sauna “KS-22-01-Violet” KRATE

This option is a new type of steamer that combines an ultrasonic vaporizer and a heating element to release nano-vapour containing negative ions. Nano steam is 10 times more effective than regular steam in terms of skin penetration. In addition to cleaning the respiratory tract, this multifunctional device allows you to humidify the room and warm towels.


  • Multifunction device
  • Improving circulation and cell viability
  • Enhances the beauty of the face
  • Comes with a five-part skin care regimen

Steam inhaler Mabis

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This product is made using plastic. It acts as both a steam inhaler and an aromatherapy device, so you can use some essential oils for aromatherapy other than clearing your airways. This product has a soft mask, flexible extension tube, measuring cup, power cord, and aromatherapy and drainage tanks.


  • It also works like…

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