Как красиво сфотографировать ногти

10 ideas on how to beautifully and stylishly photograph nails

How to take pictures of nails to look stylish

A beautiful manicure is always uplifting. After going to the master, you feel well-groomed, refined and inspired. I would like to show the whole world how beautiful the hands have become and what a stunning shade of varnish is now on the nails. But according to the law of meanness, it is rarely possible to meet with friends on the same day, and after a couple of times the euphoria subsides and the delight from new nails is no longer the same.

But you can take a photo and capture a beautiful manicure. It is also a trend in photography for social networks.

How to photograph nails beautifully: 10 ideas

Green and white nails
Beautiful long nails

If you want to make your feed stylish and modern, be sure to shoot the details of the image, and not just yourself in full growth. Manicure is one of the details that will decorate any author’s page.

In order for a photo of a manicure to attract attention, it is important to take care of the additional components of the picture. We will tell you how to build a competent frame later.

Idea 1: rings

Manicure with rings

Today in trend minimalist gold rings, so if there are stylish accessories, be sure to put them on. By the way, you can use many more rings for photography than you wear in everyday life. There will be no enumeration if the picture was taken against a light solid background and there are no other additional objects in the hands.

Idea 2: plant in hand

Flower nails

A beautiful manicure can be shown if you take a small flower or leaf in your hands. It is recommended to choose a plant that is close to the gel polish shade, and not the opposite, so as not to shift the focus.

Idea 3: with a phone

Photo of nails with phone

Another way to show off your manicure in style is to take a picture of your hand holding your phone. But there are nuances here: you need a modern phone in a stylish case. Remember that social networks are about pathos, so a photo of an old cell phone model will not cause delight, despite the fact that the main character of the picture was supposed to be a manicure.

Idea 4: with makeup

Photo of nails with lipstick

Manicure with gel polish is inherent in women who take care of themselves. These are usually associated not only with neat hands, but also with a perfect face and hairstyle. That is why it is worth taking off your nails with additional items such as cosmetics. Beautiful lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow or blush will add a touch of sophistication and sophistication to the photo.

Idea 5: Vertical

Beautiful photo of nails

One of the most common hand photo positions is on a table. But if you take the picture yourself, your fingers will be wider than they really are.

Photographers recommend shooting a manicure in an upright position. To do this, place the river against a wall or any other surface with your fingers up. so the brush will look more elegant and sophisticated.

Idea 6: not only brushes

Detail photo of nails

Who said that a photo of a manicure does not allow other parts of the body to be in the frame? One of the most comfortable positions is a photo of crossed arms. Do not squeeze them, but carefully cross them in front of you, asking a friend or husband to take a detailed photo. It is recommended to grab the neck and chin. When doing this, make sure that your clothing is neutral. after all, the main thing in the frame is the nails, not the outfit.

Idea 7: in the face

Nails near the face photo

Another stylish option for showing off a manicure on a social network is a photo with a face in the background. Cover part of your face with your palm or place it near your ear so that earrings and nails are in the frame. It will turn out unusually and stylishly, in the spirit of glossy magazines.

Idea 8: with varnish

Nail polish photo

one of the easiest ways to take a picture of your nails with a new manicure is to hold a jar of varnish in your hands, which is applied to the nail plate. Select a light background so that the hue is not distorted.

Idea 9: with a sleeve
Sleeve nails photo

One of the most fashionable photo manicure ideas today is with a sleeve. It is recommended to shoot against the background of a coarse-knit sweater, denim jacket or checkered jacket. The sleeve can be pinched with your fingers or gently pulled over part of the palm.

Idea 10: with a cup

Nails with cup photo

A manicure will look unusual against the background of a cup of coffee or tea. It is better to choose white dishes without additional design, since the nails should be in the foreground.


A stylish photo of a manicure suggests the presence of additional elements in the frame. Gone are the days when you only had to remove your fingers. Today, such a frame is considered irrelevant.

To take an original and modern picture of nails, you should pick up a phone, cosmetics or some kind of plant. This will breathe life into the picture and make it more dynamic.

🔴 By the way, what are the general trends in photography for social networks today? Are there those who want a beautiful ribbon for themselves?

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