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10 practical ideas to implement in your next renovation

Practical ideas to implement in your next renovation

In our country, summer can rightly be considered a time of vacations and repairs. Moreover, having gone on vacation or just completed the alteration of the apartment, the majority is given one idea: next time to plan or do everything differently. If the vacation can be changed at the last moment, this scheme does not work with repairs. here we need a project that is being gradually implemented. And to change something at the finish line is a frivolous and costly business.

We decided to collect modern design solutions for small and medium-sized apartments, so that during the next renovation there would be no feeling that a good idea was missed. Get inspired and implement the presented projects in your own home before it’s too late!

Table top-sill

countertop window sill

To save space in the room, and not to spend much on furniture, you can make an original desk for children. He will also turn out to be a curbstone.

Instead of a classic window sill, we order a countertop for the entire length of the wall. If there are two children, we make a partition in the center. And if there is one, we supplement it with shelves on the side. Practical, stylish, comfortable!

Cocoon swing

swing cocoon

It is always possible to supplement the interior with original furniture, except for those cases when it is necessary to additionally construct any structure. In the case of a cocoon swing, you will have to drill the ceiling. It is better to do this at the repair stage, so that it is possible to carefully and reliably prime the ceiling.


Partition in the room

Even a small room looks more comfortable when there is zoning. Dividing the space with furniture is not a good idea, as the room becomes gloomy and visually narrows. It is better to use a stylish wooden panel in the form of a partition: the light will remain, and all family members will feel comfortable in their corner.

Podium wardrobe

Wardrobe under the bed

Remember how popular catwalks used to be? Then interest in the heights in the apartment subsided, because many considered them useless “decoration”.

Modern furniture makers working with complex structures have come up with a new way to use the podium. They suggest making it taller than before by placing retractable hangers underneath. Comfortable and original!

Warm floor

What does underfloor heating look like?

The idea of ​​laying a warm floor is nothing new, but many do not. But this is a great opportunity to refuse carpets, saving on them. And also create a comfortable temperature in the house.

Partition instead of a shower

Shower with partition

In the past, we opted for a walk-in shower as it seemed like it could replace a bathtub. But who has ever used a shower tray in a non-standard way? The answer is obvious. But the cab also has a lot of drawbacks – from a short service life to difficulties with cleaning.

Instead of a bulky design, designers offer to install a stylish glass partition in the bathroom. It is easy to care for her, and if necessary, you can easily place a baby bath or a huge basin there.

Large size ceramic tiles

Large tiles in the bathroom

Firstly, large-sized ceramic tiles are stylish, and secondly, they are practical! The convenience lies in the fact that the number of seams is many times less, therefore, caring for them will be easier and faster. And if necessary, “update” the seams, you can handle it yourself. Work for an hour or two!

Washable wallpaper

Washable wallpaper

On the one hand, walls with various decorative plaster look original and stylish, on the other hand, they get dirty and scratched twice as fast as wallpaper. From personal experience, we have repeatedly seen that washable wallpaper is an excellent solution for all rooms.


Pink sofa in living

If the layout allows, you should abandon the separate kitchen and living room. By combining space, a number of problems can be solved:

  • The feeling that a woman is forever in the kitchen, and a man is in front of the TV will disappear. Now you are always in sight of each other. This means that there will definitely be more desire to interact and communicate.
  • When guests arrive, you can comfortably stay in one room, leaving other rooms for personal use. No one will walk around the bedroom, look into the wardrobe or office. There is enough room for everyone in the living room.

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