10 reasons to go to a barbershop instead of a regular hairdresser

About the popularity of barbeshops, or why men choose them

A barbershop is not a shop where you can buy a beard, as many non-English speakers might translate.

What is a barbershop?

Male hair stylist
Men's haircut with a pattern on the back of the head

A barbershop is a salon for men, in which, as a rule, there are elements of a club. Here they cut and dye their hair, take care of the beard, help grow it, give it the right shape. And there are additional options here, such as: a mini-bar (not in all barbershops), a relaxation area with magazines, a game console or mini hockey. But the main plus is that there are no women here, with the exception of the masters, although they are most often male.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the benefits of a barbershop and the reasons to visit it.

Who invented them

Men's haircut anderkat with a picture photo
Men's haircut with a pattern

The history of barbershops goes far into the past during the times of Ancient Rome. But in a more or less modern form, they appeared in America in the last century. The desire of men to retire and discuss pressing issues provoked the opening of hairdressers where there were no women. then there appeared attributes of night clubs.

Later, around the 70s of the last century, the popularity of barbeshops began to fade. The reason is the electric razor, which has become available to ordinary people. For men, the need to visit the master disappeared, because he could do the care of the beard and the haircut of the temples on his own. Yes, and fashion turned towards perfectly smooth skin.

But, as you know, in the fashion world everything is cyclical. The return of brutal images with a beard to the catwalks provoked a new surge in the popularity of barbershops. Shaving with a dangerous razor, which everyone forgot about for more than 50 years, has also become relevant.

Tousled curls - men's hairstyle
Sloppy bob haircut for men

In Russia, barbershops have gained demand not so long ago, in comparison with Europe and America. Around the beginning of the 2000s, the first salons began to appear where there were no women. And about 10 years ago, their popularity began to go off scale.

Today there are barbershops in any small town in Russia, although previously such salons were opened only in the capital and large cities. This suggests that the service continues to gain momentum and is in demand not only among the youth of the capital, but also among ordinary people.

10 reasons to choose a barbershop instead of a hairdresser

Haircut with a parting for men
One side haircut idea

We won’t talk about how a barbershop differs from a hairdresser for a long time, because the nuances are obvious.

The barbershop is an absolute male territory, although female masters are sometimes present there. In such establishments, as a rule, a brutal interior with elements of natural materials – stone, wood. There are no shades inherent in the women’s salon. And there is also a recreation area, reminiscent of a game room or a club. Even the bar in most establishments has a professional bartender.

The more additional services there are in the barbershop, the higher the customer loyalty. The service of a sober driver, visiting stylist, manicurist, etc. – something that will increase public interest in the institution. Therefore, a competent marketer who knows trends and studies the wishes of potential customers must be on the team.

Reason 1: professional craftsmen

Men's haircut for medium length hair

Of course, professionals also work in a hairdressing salon. But in the barbershop, those who have studied men’s haircuts in depth. These are masters who know how to work with different types of hair, know the latest trends, understand the intricacies of choosing a haircut for the oval of the face and the shape of the head.

Here they will not cut the “semi-boxer” if they see that a long hair is what you need. They will offer to experiment with the image, I will even choose a hairstyle on the computer.

Reason 2: care and solution to the problem of falling out

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In a simple hairdressing salon, men are not offered salon care, they do not pay much attention to hair loss.

In the barbershop, you can purchase various oils and serums on the spot to strengthen the roots and stimulate growth. And the masters, as a rule, have some knowledge in the field of dermatology and can conduct an initial consultation, then referring the client to a specialist for testing and identifying the causes of hair loss. Here such nuances are not ignored, but they try to help.

Reason 3: Atmosphere

Haircut with straight bangs for men

The barbershop has a completely masculine atmosphere. Here, no one watches serials on the Rossiya TV channel, does not turn on the Golden Gramophone. Only trendy men’s movies, music and jokes.

Reason 4: Dating

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Barbershop is a kind of dating club where you can meet interesting, modern and open people. Here, as in a bar, the guests are friendly, the staff is courteous.

Reason 5: no women in towels

Short pompadour haircut for men

Many men who have had a chance to spend time in a women’s salon or hairdresser without a separate room assure that the most memorable sight was women wrapped in foil or a towel.

And really, why reveal all the cards to the strong half? Let’s see the final result. And we will leave the intermediate work a secret from them.

Reason 6: help grow a beard

Fashionable short men's haircut

Owners of thick bristles do not understand the torment of those who have sparse and thin hairs. But sooner or later every man wants to have a thick beard.

Barbers usually have the right products and knowledge to help a client achieve the beard of their dreams. In an ordinary barbershop, no one deals with such issues.

Reason 7: Shaving with a Straight Razor

Men's hair styling

Not all masters work with a dangerous razor. This tool requires skill and knowledge. They say that men who decide on such an extreme transformation to ordinary clippers do not return.

Reason 8: You can have fun

Haircut for men "Canadian"

In barbershops there is not only a chair for a haircut and a sink. Most men’s salons are equipped with entire rooms for entertainment: mini billiards, table tennis, backgammon, cards, a game console – this is just a part of what you can find in a modern barbershop.

Reason 9: You can relax

Men's highlights for curly hair

In a salon designed exclusively for men, women are not welcome. It is not customary to come here with your wife and make her wait in the lobby. This is an unspoken rule that most clients adhere to. Come alone and relax. even alcohol can be offered, and with it the sober driver service.

Reason 10: no one is in a hurry

Men's haircut with straight bangs trend 2020

In a salon or barbershop, everything is set to flow. The more clients, the more revenue. Because of this, the masters are in a hurry, not talkative, so as not to waste time.

The barbershop has its own atmosphere, it is customary to leave a generous tip and be friends with your master. He will always listen, understand, prompt and support.

Have you ever been to a barbershop?

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