Как придать волосам прикорневой объем

10 tips to add volume to your hair at home

Home styling: what’s wrong and why the volume is dropping fast

Root volume is a task that not always professional masters can cope with the first time. What can we say about home experiments with hair. But, the volume at the roots is more than 70% of successful styling.

We offer to deal with the features of giving splendor to the hair at the roots.

Hair styling steps to keep volume at the roots

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Red hair and pixie

Radial volume can be created with the help of special styling products, the right tools (combs and clips) and good equipment (hairdryer, styler, etc.). In addition, it is important to properly prepare the hair for styling, because improper hair washing – one of the reasons for the lack of volume.

wash my head properly

Washing head

Washing your hair just seems like a simple task. In fact, successful styling depends on the direction in which the hair will be and what products you use.

When washing, it is important to use exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. It is also necessary to abandon the habit of washing your hair over the tub or sink. This position contributes to the strong tangling of the strands, provokes brittleness. It is necessary to direct the streams of water from the edge line of the forehead to the ends, slightly tilting the head back. That’s why we use the shower.

Balm only for length

Balm for hair

Many women use balm after shampoo. Of course, this is the right decision, since it protects them from the negative effects of the environment, carefully enveloping each hair. True, you need to apply the product only on the length. If you rub the balm into the hair roots, they will thicken and become heavy. It will be difficult to lift them during laying.

Let the moisture soak in

Hair towel

You do not need to immediately rub your hair with a towel and grab a hair dryer. First, wrap your hair in a towel and let it absorb excess moisture for 5 minutes. Then remove it, but do not touch the hair. Let them “take” the right amount of moisture. This will take them 5 more minutes.

We apply the right products

After the excess moisture has been absorbed into the towel, use a detangling spray and thermal protection. We spray both means to a length, stepping back from the roots of 7-10 cm.

Drying hair

Hair drying

At medium temperature, we dry the hair by 40-50%. At the same time, we set them the direction with a hand or a comb. In no case do we tilt our heads down, although this makes the task easier for those who have very long curls.

Volume retainer

Volumizing spray

Now it’s time for the main helper of root volume. We use modern sprays to make the hairstyle light and airy. The best products for hair volume collected in this article.

Correct blowing with a hair dryer

How to blow dry your hair

In order for the volume to “linger” on the hair, it is important to dry them properly with a hairdryer. Choose a brush with holes on the body. It allows you to lift the roots and dry without overheating. Also, with proper handling, creases do not occur.

Do not touch the finished strand

Blow dry

Another mistake that many women make when styling their hair at home is re-working the strands. No need to touch the hair that you have already styled.

We do not comb all the hair

If you want to ruin all the efforts, comb your hair with a massage brush or brushing immediately after you finish styling. Then the whole volume will certainly fall. After styling, it is important not to touch the hair for 5-7 minutes. This is necessary so that they cool down and get used to the new form.


Spray hairspray

No matter how you feel about hairspray, if you want to keep the basal volume, you can’t do without it. We choose a modern product that does not leave sticky and does not stick hair together. Spray at a distance of 30 cm from the scalp. We do not comb.


Root corrugation

If you are going to an important event and want to make sure, purchase a corrugated iron for volume in advance. This little tool will help out at the right time. The main thing is to use it correctly.

So, there are several nuances:

  • Only perfectly dry hair can be corrugated;
  • We do not touch the upper layers;
  • Before each clip, open the iron, and do not slide through the hair.

Now the volume will be even for those whom nature has not awarded with lush hair. Follow the instructions and do not engage in amateur activities.

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