Стильные золотые кольца в минимлистичном стиле

10 trendy gold rings: designs for 2021, trends

Simple and minimalistic: popular design of gold rings

Today, jewelry made of gold or jewelry made to look like it is in trend. As an addition, precious stones, pearls, metals of a different color can act. But what about the design: which one to choose to look stylish and not old-fashioned?

We offer to figure it out, especially since with chains of gold after THIS ARTICLE everything became clear.

The most fashionable gold rings

Popular thin metal rings
Actual rings with gap design

When choosing a ring in 2021, it is recommended to give preference to a simple form and minimalistic design. Jewelry with complex additions in the form of flowers, braids, plexuses are outdated.

It is fashionable to wear rings in pairs, and also to choose smaller pieces, which are called phalangeal rings or midi, as they are worn in the middle of the finger. Let’s take a look at the 10 hottest designs in 2021.

Double or triple

Fashion triple ring

If you want to choose a large ring, you should give preference to the design with air. This is a simple option, consisting of two or three rings, between which there is free space. A ring of this kind can be either standard or midi – for the middle of the finger.

Anchor weaving

Ring like a chain photo

A stylish design chosen by young fashionistas is anchor weaving.

Rings resembling a chain look original. They are harmoniously combined with trendy accessories, which also have chains – bags, shoes, belts.

With a gap

Gap ring dimensionless

We are accustomed to the fact that the ring has no beginning and no end. However, modern jewelers offer to pay attention to the trendy design with a gap.

Choosing such a ring as a gift to someone. you definitely won’t have to worry about whether it will fit in size.

Like a Cartier Love bracelet

Cartier rings

If you have a Cartier Love bracelet, you should not wear a ring with an identical design, as jewelry sets are not in trend.

But, if you have other metal bracelets on your hands, it is multilayer rings imitating a popular design that will be a great addition.

With stones in one lane

Minimalist rings with stones

Cute minimalist jewelry can be with stones. They are usually laid out in one row. The line can be straight or slightly curved in the form of a wave or angle.

empty circle

Ring with empty circle

Minimalistic design involves not only very thin decorations, but also very impressive sizes. For example, a stylish ring with an empty center will be a great solution for those who want a noticeable accessory, but not weighing down the image.

Circle with stone

Ring with a circle and a stone in the center of the photo

An identical circle, but complemented by a stone or pearl, can be worn with matching earrings or a pendant. Such a set will surely attract the attention of others, because it looks stylish and unusual.

flat design

Trendy gold rings 2021

Rings in a minimalist style can have not only a contour design, but also have large elements. True, it is better that they are flat, otherwise there is a chance of looking old-fashioned.

cross stitch

The most fashionable gold ring design 2021

One of the most popular midi rings of this year is a cross stitch. Either side can be decorated with stones.

This jewelry was loved by fashionistas because of its convenient shape. You practically don’t feel it on your finger. And it goes well with any nail design.

Like a wire

Very thin rings - trend 2021

A little strange, but very fashionable ring – thin, like a wire. This design is chosen by young beauties who want to wear more than 5 rings at the same time.

Someone puts all the jewelry on the fingers of one hand, others prefer to evenly distribute them on both hands.


Rings in a minimalist style look very simple on the one hand, and on the other they are a stylish element of the image. They are also considered versatile, as they are easy to combine with each other, unlike jewelry with complex designs. Putting a ring with a flower, an elephant and a baby’s heel on one hand is unethical. And you can combine accessories that do not have catchy elements in unlimited quantities.

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