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10 trendy pieces of furniture that everyone needs

Fashionable pieces of furniture that everyone lacked before

Modern apartments are very different from those in which the older generation lives. And it’s not just about repairs, which are long outdated. Many, simply, are not interested in new furniture, but among them there are really useful items that can solve a number of everyday issues and bring comfort to everyday life.

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Removable armrest

Removable armrest for sofa photo

Choosing a sofa, I want. to keep it soft and comfortable. Many focus on the armrests: the larger they are, the more comfortable it will be to lie down and watch TV.

But as soon as you come to the living room with a cup of tea, the question arises: where to put it so as not to spill it if there is no coffee table.

Solving such a problem can be easy and simple, because creative furniture designers have long studied the problem and came up with a removable armrest. Not only is it not scary to put a cup on it, but you can put a plate on it.

side table

Side table for sofa photo

A find from last year is a side sofa table. It turned out to be a very useful invention, because most of the hard workers were forced to switch to remote work. And who has a normal computer desk at home that children don’t need?

In order not to huddle in the kitchen, where the temptation to eat something wakes up every 15 minutes, and not to completely twist your posture while sitting in an armchair, you should pay attention to the side table. It is of standard height, roomy and allows you to sit in that part of the apartment where no one will disturb you.

Coffee table-transformer

Coffee table transformer photo

Transforming furniture in general is a useful thing, especially for small apartments, as it allows you to solve many problems. But, since such “toys” are expensive, we choose the most necessary ones. A coffee table that transforms into a large dining table is one of those.

The table is easy to fold out and solves several problems at once. Behind it can accommodate up to 12 people, and when assembled it is an excellent stand for legs, cups, sweets that we all wear to the TV.

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Tray with phone stand

Tray with phone stand

Are there any fans of watching TV shows and reading books from the phone among us? Agree, when the plot is worthwhile, you don’t want to break away from it either during breakfast or while taking a bath.

Bathroom shelf with phone stand

It’s good that resourceful furniture makers have come up with recesses for smartphones in all trays. Now you can not change your own habits and not be afraid for your favorite gadget: it will not fall into the water.


Bed transformer photo

We return to furniture transformer. The times when you can sleep even on a wooden bench and feel rested at the same time are quickly passing. Many already in their 20s admit that they have back and neck pain. And this is all from the uncomfortable sofas on which most people sleep.

You can solve the problem by buying a bed. But who has so much free space in the apartment? Another solution is a mattress topper, although it will not greatly improve the situation, since it is significantly inferior to a standard mattress in height.

But there is an excellent transformer that will please everyone. Three in one: bed, wardrobe and sofa. By the way, it also looks stylish.

sofa mattress

sofa mattress

Unexpected guests happen to everyone. In order not to give them your bedroom, it is worth having an equally attractive fallback option. The sofa mattress is both soft and stylish at the same time, so it fits into any interior without much difficulty.



Sometimes you look at your own room and realize that it lacks comfort. You can create it with the help of small decorative elements, room candles, a table lamp. But where to put all this: do you really have to hang shelves around the entire perimeter of the room?

There is a more stylish and modern solution – a bookcase. We place it near one of the walls and decorate it with what we so wanted to bring to the interior.


Dividing rack

The rack differs from the bookcase in shape: all its walls are the same, the corners are only straight. It is boring and impractical to place it against the wall, since there is no back wall.

A modern solution for interior designers is to use a shelving unit as a room divider. With it, you can separate the bedroom from the living room. kitchen from the corridor or split a large room into two.



Everyone used to have stools. Agree – not the most comfortable piece of furniture. Yes, and you can’t use them anywhere except the kitchen, they look too dull.

Another thing is puffs. Even the absence of a back is not depressing, because the fifth point is soft and comfortable. And they can also be used as a footrest, a place to store things if the top is removable.

Frameless chair

Stylish frameless chair

In modern apartments, you can often find frameless furniture. The younger generation chooses it not only because of the reduced price compared to wood or soft. It’s really comfortable, you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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