Дизайнерские приемы для небольших помещений

12 ways from designers to visually expand the room

Without repair: 12 ideas for visual expansion of space

A large apartment is a luxury, at least for those who are buying their own home for the first time. Over time, of course, you can change the odnushka apartment for a larger apartment, but initially many young families have to huddle in small rooms.

Original lamps on the ceiling
Unusual mirror in the interior photo

Designers treat small apartments with special attention and understanding, because this is a great opportunity for experimentation. It is worth turning on the fantasy and the room no longer seems so narrow and small.

Plants in the interior photo
original lamps

True, those who do not have knowledge in design often make classic mistakes by furnishing a small apartment incorrectly, or choosing the wrong color for wallpaper and furniture. Gathered advice from professionals who often have to work with small spaces. They know what tricks to use to visually make a room look wider.

Designer tips for visually expanding space

You can visually increase the space of a room without repair and redevelopment. We share with you the life hacks of designers with extensive experience who know exactly how to properly equip the space. Remember that not only light shades of walls and the rejection of various niches visually increase the space. There are many other tricks that are available even without the involvement of a construction team.

Tip 1: Curtains

Curtains to the floor

To make the room seem higher, choose curtains that will drag slightly along the floor. Yes, on the one hand, this is impractical, since you will have to wash them often. But on the other hand, this is a great technique for visually increasing the space. Try it!

Tip 2: eaves

Ceiling cornice

A wall-to-wall cornice will save the situation. We choose a product for the ceiling – it not only looks elegant, but also saves a small room. A metal cornice that descends a few cm from the ceiling has the opposite effect.

Tip 3: paint the front of the cabinet

Wall color furniture

One of the main designers’ tips for increasing the space of a small room is light walls. But the main drawback of this design is dark cabinet furniture. Try painting the cabinet front a shade close to the one the walls are painted in and see how the space visually expands.

Tip 4: boxes

Wardrobe boxes

Purchase boxes and baskets for storing small items. This approach to organizing space eliminates the feeling of clutter;

Tip 5: bright lamps

Unusual lamps

A small room should be well lit. No central chandeliers. It is important to illuminate every corner, and with bright light. To do this, look for light bulbs with a temperature of at least 5000 kelvins (this data is on the box).

Tip 6: Reflective Surfaces

Glossy kitchen

To visually expand the space, we use not only furniture in the color of the walls, but also complement it with mirror or glossy surfaces. For example, we make the facade of the kitchen from a gloss that reflects light. It will turn out fresh, stylish and large-scale.

Tip 7: floor lamp

Floor lamp

Instead of small table lamps, we install a floor lamp on a long leg near the workplace. It will make the ceiling appear higher.

Tip 8: no more than two large objects on the wall

2 paintings on the wall

In a small room, it is necessary and important to decorate the walls. True, there should be few elements. One or two large objects will be enough. They can be: paintings, posters, mirrors. It is not recommended to create complex design installations in the form of collages from photo frames or wall souvenirs in a small room.

Tip 9: long legs

Furniture with legs

Loft-style furniture is in trend today. It is made from wood and metal. This is the most suitable option for a small room, because sofas, armchairs and tables with long legs add “air” to the interior. And frameless chairs and sofas are not a suitable option, on the contrary, they visually underestimate the space.

Tip 10: transparent furniture

Transparent furniture

Another way to visually expand the space with furniture is to choose a transparent one. Plastic furniture is now at the peak of popularity. It is suitable for the kitchen and dining room, harmoniously combined with glass surfaces and gloss.

Tip 11: small table

small round table

In a small room there should not be disproportionate furniture. We refuse a huge bed or a dining table for 10 people. Instead, we choose multifunctional folding options: a sofa with a rotating mechanism, a table-book, retractable, round.

Tip 12: Use the Entire Height

Cabinet pencil case in the room

In a small room, you need to use all the space. To do this, instead of a chest of drawers to the middle of the wall, we choose a cabinet-pencil case to the ceiling. The same amount of things can be stored in them, and the second option takes up less space.

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