15 best tips for long lasting nail polish

Keeping nail polish longer and making a manicure more durable is not so difficult, just follow simple rules.

Tip 1. Before applying the foundation to the nail plate, you need to wipe its surface with a cotton swab, soaking it in white vinegar. This tool degreases the surface well, which contributes to better adhesion of the varnish to the nail. Accordingly, the durability of the manicure will be greater. You can apply varnish after the nail plate has completely dried.

Tip 2. Soaking your nails before applying polish is a mistake. This is usually done in order to soften the cuticle. But moisturizing the nail leads to its increase. Subsequently, after drying, the nail returns to its normal size, which leads to a discrepancy between the nail and the varnish layer. It is better to use a special oil to soften the cuticle.

Tip 3. To reduce brittle nails, you need to give them a shape that is as close as possible to the shape of the cuticle.

Tip 4. Lacquer should be applied only to the surface of the nail, without affecting the cuticle. It lifts the coating, which causes chips to appear. The cuticle does not need to be trimmed. It is enough to displace it with a pusher or an orange stick, after treating the cuticle with special oil. Lacquer must be applied so that a little unpainted space remains along the cuticle.

Tip 5 In the upper part of the nails, the base must be applied in two layers. This is where chipping occurs most often, and a thicker layer of varnish protects against this. Therefore, first the base must be applied on the top of the nail, and the second layer must cover it completely.

Tip 6 Vigorous shaking of the varnish container causes air bubbles to appear in it. If after that painting is carried out, the coating will turn out to be short-lived, chips will often form on it. Therefore, it is better to roll the varnish between the palms.

Tip 7. Be sure to paint over the entire nail as a whole, not forgetting its edge. To avoid chips, the last stroke is to paint over the free edge.

Tip 8 Cold air should be used to dry nails. Under hot varnish dries more slowly. Therefore, you need to either spend money on a special dryer for nails, or dry them in front of a fan. You can also dip your fingertips in very cold water for a couple of minutes.

Tip 9. To restore shine every couple of days, you need to reapply a transparent top coat. It will also help avoid chipping.

Tip 10. It is recommended to wash your hands with a manicure only with mild soap, avoiding products that dry out nails and accelerate the destruction of the varnish coating.

Tip 11. Daily use of nail oil helps to moderately moisturize the nail and cuticle. If they dry out, they become more brittle.

Tip 12. When the gel polished nail grows back and it becomes noticeable, you can cover the clean area with a base with glitter, creating an ombre effect.

Tip 13. You can hide the chips at the very tip of the nails by painting the edge of the nail with a shiny varnish. This will remove defects and significantly update the manicure.

Tip 14. Gloves should be worn when washing dishes or cleaning with household chemicals. This will protect the manicure from damage and protect the skin of the hands.

Tip 15. To fix a chipped or smudged lacquer finish, you must first smooth it out with a swab soaked in nail polish remover. Then it is necessary to apply a new layer over the entire surface of the nail. This is much better than just painting over the damaged area. Indeed, in this case, the coating will be uneven.

If you follow these tips, you can significantly extend the life of your manicure and keep your hands attractive.

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