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3 types of bangs that make the look elegant

3 types of bangs that make the image elegant and now in trend

“To cut or not to cut bangs,” every woman has faced such a question at least once in her life, because sometimes you really want to change. Someone immediately looks at the most fashionable bangs of the season, others blindly believe their hair stylist, and still others decide on an elegant bang that not only never goes out of fashion, but also suits almost everyone. Let’s talk about which ones are.

Jennifer Lopez with bangs
Beautiful haircut with bangs for long hair

Rare short bangs – the trend of 2021

Beautiful girl with bangs
beautiful haircut

In the early 2000s, rare bangs were at the peak of popularity. She was cut mainly by teenage girls, but adult women seem to have appreciated the charm of such a hairstyle just now. After all, it is ladies 40+ today who most often ask the master to make a rare bang.

Hairstyle with sparse bangs
Balayage with bangs

The secret of such a bang is thinning, thanks to which it becomes rare and does not weigh down the image, unlike a straight or baby. Haircuts with which rare bangs are harmoniously combined: bob-car, short flight of stairs, shaggy.

Hailey Bieber with bangs
Hailey Bieber with bangs photo
Bun with bangs - elegant hairstyle
Beautiful girl with bangs
Medium length hair with bangs
Half bun with bangs

Also, a rare bang is combined with almost all types of evening hairstyles, like a low bun, shell, weaving on the side. A sparse bang, in contrast to a thick straight line, easily “fits” into a hairstyle with curls. It does not look out of place, and if necessary, can be curled with a curling iron, which you can not do with most other types.

Long bangs with a split in the center

Kim with bangs
Beautiful styling with long bangs
Summer hairstyle with long bangs
Keira Knightley with long bangs
Keith Middleton with bangs
Keira Knightley with beautiful bangs
Long hair with a ladder at the face
Kate Middleton - hair
Pretty haircut
Long hair styling

Many regrown bangs interfere, and they rush to the salon to cut off all that is superfluous. Others boldly divide it in the center, put it on brushing and get an elegant look. Yes, such a bang is not entirely practical, especially if the work is related to a computer. But you can always remove it for a while, and then let it go, comb your hair and be in full dress.

haircut idea for long hair
Beautiful haircut for long hair

An elongated bang is considered universal, as it is combined with a cascading haircut, and with hair of the same length. It is also a great option for those who have long straight hair, because by deciding to cut an elongated bang, you can refresh the image and make it not only more elegant, but also younger.

Rare arched bangs (arch)

Fashion ponytail with bangs
Beautiful girl
ciara hairstyle
Beautiful styling with bangs
Summer hairstyle for girls
Elegant haircut for women
Beautiful styling for blond hair
Hailey Baldwin with bangs
Very beautiful styling with bangs
Beautiful haircut and hairstyle

The “arc” bangs seem heavy and voluminous to many, but there are various variations. For example, if you profile it, you get a light, face-framing option. These bangs are easy to curl away from the face, creating an elegant and simple look. The rest of the hair can be pulled back into a ponytail or loose bun.

Idea for cutting long hair
Bun and bangs
Dakota Johnson with bangs
beautiful haircut

Bangs are an easy way to freshen up your look and give it an elegant look. The main thing is to remember that it is best not to spare the hair and entrust the master to make thinning. This will “lighten” the bangs, make them more airy, and styling is simple. A rare bang, regardless of shape and length, is combined with most hairstyles, especially with brushing and other types of fashionable curls.

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