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4 fashionable ways to get out of the blonde: photos, examples, description

4 popular ways to get out of total blonde

Being a platinum blonde is no longer fashionable – that’s what those women who are tired of visiting a stylist every 3-4 weeks and tinting their own roots will say. In fact, platinum blonde is always in trend, although maintaining it is extremely difficult and expensive. Yes, and over time, the hair “gets tired” of such experiments and requires a break.

For those who want to stay blonde, but at the same time stop constantly lightening the roots, we have prepared this material. So, we are talking about the 3 most popular ways to get out of the total blonde, which are popular with masters today.

What is Total Blonde?

Platinum blonde photo

Let’s start with theory…

Total blond – This is a coloring that allows you to achieve the perfect light color from the roots to the ends of the hair. Usually staining is performed in two stages – lightening the roots, then toning the entire length.

This procedure has three significant disadvantages, these are:

  • expensive;
  • for a long time;
  • bad for hair.

That is why the masters thought for a long time about what to offer to clients who want to remain blondes, but are tired of constant trips to the salon. And we found several solutions. We talk about the most popular salon coloring for those. who is tired of being the perfect platinum or pearl blonde.

Method 1: root balayage

Root balayage photo

Balayazh is an open hair lightening technique. During the procedure, the master applies a special composition to the selected strands, gently shading it. The peculiarity of the technique is that foil or thermal paper is not used to increase the temperature and obtain the most light result.

With open technique, you can achieve maximum clarification by 3-4 tones. The result depends on the selected powder and the percentage of oxidizing agent.

By the way, do you need a review of good powders for open techniques? Write in the comments! 👇

The advantage of this technique is that it is fast and wears for a long time. Having made yourself a balayage, you can not correct it for 3-4 months. It is only necessary to tint the length, provided that the shade turns yellow and does not suit the client.

The disadvantages of basal balayage include the need to significantly grow hair. It is possible to perform such a technique on regrown roots of more than 3 cm.

Method 2: any closed lightening technique


There are open and closed hair lightening techniques. Balayazh is open, and everything else is closed – highlighting, shatush, airtouch, etc.

The advantage of the closed technique is that you can lighten your hair up to 6 tones in one procedure (the quality of the hair matters, whether it was previously dyed or not, what color). Minus – the duration, high cost and the need to tint the roots to get a smooth transition.

If the master has good practice, he can get a smooth transition without staining the roots. To do this, you need to work with very thin strands. Proper separation and blowing is also important if the airtouch technique is used.

Closed technique is available provided that the roots have grown by 1.5-2 cm, and this is only up to two months of waiting.

At the first exit from the total blond to the closed technique. As a rule, staining of the roots is practiced. Next, the master looks at the result: if it was possible to choose a shade as close as possible to the natural one, and smooth transitions are not a problem, they refuse to color the root zone.

On correction, the hairdresser does the technique (highlighting, airtouch, shatush or combination) and tones the length. The latter is necessary to remove an unwanted shade, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the hair.

Method 3: darkening the roots

Blackout blonde: photo before and after

The easiest and cheapest way to get rid of the need to constantly touch up the roots of the hair is to stretch the color.

Stretching color in the language of hairdressers is a smooth transition from dark to light or vice versa.

The length of the regrown roots in cm does not matter when stretching the color, since a dark dye is applied. Usually they try to choose a shade close to natural.

A dark composition is applied to the roots with a spade on the light part, and the length is tinted with the usual shade of blond.

Color stretching has several disadvantages:

  • First of all – the ability to get a poor-quality result if you apply a dark dye in a hurry.
  • The second disadvantage is the contrast. Roots below level 6 are not compatible with level 9-10 blonde.
  • The third disadvantage is self-acceptance. Many former blondes who decide to stretch the color return to the total blonde after a couple of months, as they cannot perceive themselves as dark. With a closed or open technique, this does not happen due to the fact that there are always white strands against the background of dark roots.

Method 4: double color stretch

Double color stretch: before and after photo

A new and progressive way to correct the blond – double color stretching. This is a salon procedure that gives the most stylish result, subject to a small time investment.

This option is suitable for girls and women who have decided to temporarily or permanently stop being platinum blondes. Or maybe this time they don’t have enough time for technique (air touch, highlighting shatush take from 4 hours).

The essence of double stretching is applying three compositions to the hair:

  • The first is standard for roots with an oxidizing agent percentage of 3% -4% (depending on the brand);
  • The second is the same dye with an oxidizing agent of 6%
  • The third is a light composition with an oxidizing agent of 2% -3% for tinting.

Application from the roots, but each next composition slightly overlaps the previous one from above, and not from below, as with a classic color stretch.

Through the use of different percentages of oxidizing agent, a smooth transition is obtained and there is no such clear boundary between roots and length. It seems that the client spent at least 6 hours in the master’s chair, because the result looks original and multifaceted.


Blonde and airtouch photo comparison

Constant lightening of hair can lead to a deterioration in their quality. To give your hair the opportunity to “rest” and save yourself a couple of thousand, you can temporarily (or permanently) abandon the total blond in favor of technique or color stretching.

There are 4 main options for getting out of the blonde. Fifth – full hair coloring in the desired dark or bright color, which should not be resorted to without full confidence that you will not want to be a blonde in the near future. You remember that lightening dark colored strands, under which the blond is one of the most difficult tasks. The result may be unpredictable.

By the way, platinum, gray, pearl and gray shades of hair are irrelevant today. Warm natural blonde is on trend.

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