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5 beauty secrets that really work

5 beauty hacks that really work

Today, beauty bloggers have come up with many ways that, as they say, make perfect makeup in a couple of minutes. In fact, many of these life hacks do not work, such as the advice to draw arrows using tablespoons. It turns out dirty and ugly.

We have collected for you more practical tips that will not only do no harm, but will also help out to some extent. So, write it down!

Tip 1: How to Repair Broken Eyeshadow, Blush or Powder

How to repair broken shadows

It is worth carelessly putting a bag somewhere and the shadows can break, even if the package is completely intact. Of course, it’s a pity to throw them away, but it’s no longer convenient to carry them with you, since the entire cosmetic bag will be stained with them.

There is an old and proven way to save dry shadows, blush or powder. Grind the contents of the box to a state of powder and pour back. Using a pipette, drip a few drops of alcohol on top, cover with cling film and press until the morning.

Tip 2: Buy a pencil to match lipstick

beautiful lip makeup

Many women opt for a liner a tone darker than lipstick to create a faded effect on the lips. This is a good solution, but there is one more tip. Buy lipstick and pencil of the same color. Initially, draw not only the contour, but the entire surface of the lips with a pencil, and apply lipstick on top. This technique will allow the makeup to last as long as possible.

It is especially relevant to use this beauty hack when applying lipstick in a bright or dark color. Without a pencil, the inside is quickly washed off, and the contour remains, which looks aesthetically unattractive.

Tip 3: Always have a clear lip balm on hand

Applying lipstick on lips

Irina Shayk in one of the last interviews admitted that in ordinary life her makeup is only lip balm. Of course, when such perfect skin can afford it.

For the rest, lip balm can be a real lifesaver. Apply it over your favorite lipstick for the desired glossy effect. Even famous makeup artists do this!

Tip 4: Moisturizer is needed at any time of the year

Makeup active blush

In order for the foundation to lie evenly, and the tone to be preserved until the end of the working day, it is necessary first not only to cleanse the skin, but also to moisturize. An important note of makeup artists is that it is necessary to apply a moisturizer with massage movements. A light pat on the face with your fingers will increase blood circulation.

Tip 5: Ice water for a glossy shine

silky hair

To make hair shiny, you need to use oil, at least millions of women are convinced of this. To some extent this is true, although there is another way to achieve a glossy effect on the hair.

To rinse the balm from the hair, it is necessary to use not cool water, but ice water. You won’t have time to freeze in a couple of seconds (a contrast shower is useful!), And your hair will shine after drying. By the way, you need to dry your hair with warm air and be sure to “blow it” with cold air after styling is completed.

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