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5 bridal hair trends 2022 for medium length hair with photo ideas

A wedding is a special day in the life of every girl, on which you want to look magical. A beautiful dress, shoes, a festively delicate make-up, manicure and, of course, a hairstyle will help create such an image.

wedding image

According to statistics, most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have medium-length hair, which is explained by the ease of care, the ability to change the hairstyle and look different.

Simplicity of the image with a wedding hairstyle

Under them, there are a huge number of wedding styling ideas – simple and complex, with and without a veil, with hairpins, accessories and other elements that emphasize the special charm of the bride.

wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

The hairstyle should harmoniously fit into the general image of the girl, and then the first thing that the surrounding people will pay attention to is her neatly or carelessly, but no less effectively, styled curls.

The specificity of wedding hairstyles for medium hair

To better understand what can be done with medium length hair, you need to understand the main types of hairstyles that can be made from them for such a solemn event as your own wedding. These can be hairstyles with curls, weaves, braids, plaits, or just high strands.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

In any case, they are decorated with beautiful hairpins and accessories, in which there are white elements, as well as golden or silver frames. Mother-of-pearl beads on the hair look spectacular. For their fastening, studs with decoration at the end are used.

Wedding hairstyle with braids

  • Veil as an element of decoration

A traditional element in a wedding hairstyle is a veil. However, modern fashion dictates its own terms and it is no longer necessary to include it in your image. If you still decide to wear a veil for weddings, then choose a simpler hairstyle.

Long veil as a decoration for a wedding hairstyle

You should not decorate the strands with accessories, as they can cling to the fabric of the veil, which can lead to the hairpins falling out and knocking out the strands from the overall structure of the hairstyle, as well as loosening the fastening of the veil.

Wedding look with a beautiful hairstyle

All this can unnerve the bride and spoil her holiday, so when choosing a hairstyle, you need to take into account all the details in the image and make it as appropriate and practical as possible for him.

Fashionable styles for decorating wedding hairstyles for medium hair

In modern fashion, focus on naturalness. Braids, buns, styling and weaving are all welcome, but bouffant hair and complex heaps on the head will have to be abandoned.

Simple wedding hairstyle with weaving elements on medium hair

It is allowed to do everything that will help create an image of ease for the bride. Flowers, ribbons, tiaras and festively decorated headbands will help with this.

  • Minimalism

This style will suit a girl with chiseled features of the face and neck, whose wedding dress will be open. You can emphasize elegance and femininity with the help of an ordinary beam, gathering it at the crown or back of the head and decorating it with flowers.

Chic bun as a wedding hairstyle

Under such a hairstyle, a veil is suitable, which should completely cover the length of the hair. In this image, the face is as open as possible, so you need to pay special attention to the make-up. A minimalist hairstyle is stable, you can dance with it and not worry about its safety.

Careless hairstyle in a wedding look

Beautiful wedding hairstyle Shell on medium length hair

  • Greek style

Another way to emphasize femininity is styling in the Greek style. However, she is demanding on the whole image – the dress, shoes, jewelry and makeup must be carefully selected for this direction.

Greek wedding hairstyle for medium hair

To perform a hairstyle you need:

  1. curl hair;
  2. put on a special elastic band on the head;
  3. wrap your hair around an elastic band, securing it with hairpins with decorations – stones and rhinestones.
wedding hairstyle ideas for medium hair

The technique can be modified with complex braiding of the hair. It is convenient to wrap braids around the elastic band with ribbons and flowers woven into them. A veil can be attached along the line of its location. After registration, it is most often removed so as not to hide the beauty of the complex hair styling with rhinestones and diamonds.

Chic wedding hairstyle for thick hair of medium length

  • Retro

Creating an image in retro style is as simple as possible. Short dress, bright makeup and beautiful waves of hair that are fixed with varnish. They can be loose or gathered in a bun at the back of the head. The emphasis is on the front strand, which is laid separately.

Retro style in a wedding hairstyle

To bring a modern touch to this look, it will turn out due to jewelry on the hair. Small beads on the hairpin will help complete the look. An alternative to a veil in it can be short veils and hats.

  • Naturalness

You can simplify the creation of a wedding image as much as possible by focusing on a natural style. Loose hair, decorated with a light translucent veil, is ideal for a simple dress.

Maximum naturalness in the wedding look and hairstyle

From strands, you can create a neat or carelessly free image that emphasizes youth and natural beauty.

  • boho

The boho style combines the signs of such trends as Indian, gypsy and hippie. Despite its complexity, it has recently become popular among newlyweds.

Loose bridal hair

The main features of a boho hairstyle are:

  1. the effect of disheveled hair;
  2. small pigtails mixed with loose strands;
  3. ribbons, leather straps and ribbons woven into hair;
  4. hats and headbands.
Fresh flowers in a wedding hairstyle in Boho style

Original wedding look and hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil: what you need to know

If it was decided to include a veil in the image, but when creating a hairstyle, you need to take into account the method of attaching the accessory and its appearance:

  • multilayer models create the effect of volume and are attached to the crown – smooth hairstyles, such as a bun or a shell, are suitable for them;
Layered variation of the veil creates the effect of volume hairstyles

  • Spanish model completely covers the head and emphasizes the beauty of hairstyles of any style;

  • single layer lightweight model can be attached to the back of the head or under the hair and fits those types of it that are with weaves, braids and ornaments;
Lightweight model of the veil is suitable for hairstyles with weaves and braids

  • model “Pirate”covering the entire head and leaving no fantasy for complexities in the hairstyle, however, their lush and artsy variations are not acceptable in it.
Pirate veil model is not suitable for complex hairstyles

When choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, you also need to consider whether it is planned to remove the veil after marriage registration, or whether it will act as a permanent accessory.

Method for attaching a veil to a hairstyle

If it is a temporary decoration, then you can choose any models of it, however, if the veil is on your head until the end of the holiday, then you need to focus on light varieties, since multi-layered models will be felt and cause inconvenience.

We select a spectacular hairstyle for a wedding according to the shape of the face

All elements of the image, and especially the wedding, should be harmonious. Therefore, it is important to take into account any nuances of its creation. When choosing a hairstyle, you should pay attention to the shape of the face.

Hairstyle for a wedding under the shape of the face

Depending on this factor, the style is selected and the area of ​​focus is determined in the form of smoothly or voluminously styled hair and places to complement the hairstyle with accessories.

  • Round

Owners of a round face are suitable for those types of styling that lengthen it:

  1. high hairstyles, which are created using bouffant techniques;
  2. bundles, during the creation of which the hair is laid on a straight or side parting;
  3. jewelry in the form of hoops and diadems;
  4. Greek hairstyle with complex weaves laid to one side;
  5. loose…

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