Милый наряд на 8 марта

5 ideas for what to wear on March 8 besides the dress

Not only a dress: ideas for feminine outfits for March 8

One of the most beautiful holidays of the year is coming soon – International Women’s Day. You can start preparing for it today, thinking over the outfit.

We decided to warn against spontaneous purchases, because you can make a fashionable outfit from what most women have in their closet.

We tell you schemes of stylish outfits that will create a sense of celebration and make you feel like a sweet and desirable lady.

Summer skirt + ankle boots + turtleneck sweater

Victoria Beckham in a skirt and sweater
Victoria Beckham in a skirt and sweater photo

The easiest way to look cute on International Women’s Day is to opt for a light midi length skirt. Any style or print will do, as it will be an accent item in the image. We supplement with ankle boots or boots, preferably plain and without decor. We put on a simple sweater with a high collar at the top. He must be free to sit.

Skinny + jacket + shoes or ankle boots

Natalia Podolskaya in a blue jacket
Fashionable image for the spring for the office

Another option to look feminine without a dress is to wear everyone’s favorite skinny jeans. To adjust the figure and not seem heavy in them, you need to choose the right top. For a holiday, an elongated jacket is perfect. It should cover the buttocks completely.

We put on a jacket with a T-shirt, if it is loose enough. Only on a bodice or sports top, if it is fitted and we plan to wear it buttoned up.

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Long shirt + voluminous jumper

How to wear a shirt with a jumper
How to wear a shirt with a jumper photo example

A woman in a planer can look cute and feminine. We choose a product that sits freely and covers the buttocks completely or half. From above we put on a jumper of a delicate shade, and not a pullover, as many are used to.

Rememberthat a jumper is a knitted product with a neckline, a boat or an oval. But a pullover with a V-neck is not suitable. It is fashionable to combine it with a turtleneck, not a shirt.

Jeans + sweater + huge scarf

How To Wear a Stole With Jeans
How to wear a tippet with jeans and look fashionable

A wide stole scarf can become a key figure in a simple everyday look. It will add femininity and make you look festive. You can complement the image with fashionable metal jewelry.

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Shorts + accent tights

Borodina in shorts
Borodina in shorts and boots

You can look feminine not only in dresses and skirts, but also in shorts. We choose a model with a high fit and a slight extension downwards. we complement with a blouse, sweater, shirt, pullover. The main thing is that the top sits freely.

The success of this image depends on tights. It’s still cold without them, so we don’t try to disguise them by choosing bodily ones, but on the contrary, we prefer the most noticeable ones. Translucent ones of the same color as shorts or shoes will do. You can also choose bright tights for shorts, but then this should be the most eye-catching detail in the image, we refuse other accent elements.

Speckled tights, stripes, with small logos are still in fashion. Products imitating stockings are an anti-trend! All about tights told 👉HERE.

Suitable shoes for this outfit: boots with lacing, boots with a free shaft.

And what are you planning to wear for the holiday: everything as usual, or will there be a fashionable experiment?

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