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5 in-demand online marketing jobs

5 Trendy Marketing Jobs They Don’t Teach in Universities

It used to be that in order to get the sought-after profession of a marketer, you had to go to university, study for several years, then an internship and, possibly, a dream job.

Today, in order to become a sought-after and highly paid specialist who understands marketing and advertising, it is not even necessary to graduate from school (although it is desirable), since you can get a specialty online.

There are various courses on the Internet where they teach serious business, they even issue diplomas (but there is a nuance: there must still be a diploma from any Russian university, otherwise it is possible to issue only a certificate).

We tell you what fashionable professions related to marketing are easy to get online, especially since they do not exist at ordinary universities.


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One of the most sought-after professions at the moment with good earnings is a targetologist. Such a specialist is engaged in setting up advertising in the Facebook advertising account. Such ads can be shown both on Facebook and Instagram, since the latter does not have a separate platform.

In fact, a targetologist is a marketer who occupies a narrower niche and works only with online projects, promoting them on Facebook and Instagram. This is a specialist whose duties include promoting goods and services, increasing brand awareness, both commercial and personal.

To become a good specialist and understand the target, it is not necessary to have a specialized education in marketing, but it is desirable, since knowledge is never superfluous. Targeted courses usually teach everything you need to succeed in such a niche. Namely:

  • Target audience analysis;
  • Creation of creatives and advertising layouts;
  • Setting up an advertising campaign;
  • Analysis of statistics in order to improve performance.

The duration of training is usually 1-3 months, although students begin to practice after a couple of weeks of training.

A targetologist is an interesting profession that no one knew about 4 years ago. However, with the development of social networks and the ability to sell their goods and services through them, the popularity of this trend has only begun to grow.

Contextual advertising specialist

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As we have already found out, the targetologist works only with Facebook and Instagram. In addition to social media data, you can sell goods and services through search engines. To do this, you need a specialist in contextual advertising.

It is believed that it is easier to engage in such activities, since the contextual advertising specialist deals with a warm or even hot audience, while the target specialist is guided only by hypotheses based on the analysis of the target audience (target audience) and data collected through worked out advertising campaigns.

Contextual advertising specialist is a person involved in setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Yandex. Direct.

For a high-quality campaign setting, he needs keywords and knowledge in compiling selling headlines and texts. It is also important to know how to design landing pages.

The salary of such a specialist can be fixed or a percentage of the budget spent on advertising. Fixed rate, as a rule, for beginners. Experienced professionals receive a percentage of the advertising budget.

SMM specialist

Flatlay layout for SMM specialist

An SMM specialist is a person who is engaged in the complex promotion and maintenance of pages and accounts on social networks. This profession is one of the most multitasking in social networks, as it involves performing a wide range of tasks:

  • creating a promotion strategy;
  • design of the page or client account;
  • content creation: photos, videos, texts;
  • setting up targeted advertising.

Of course, large companies can afford to hire a separate targetologist to work with promotion through the Facebook account. But in addition to large brands, there are many small companies that need complex maintenance of pages on social networks. Therefore, an SMM specialist is not only a person who knows how to process photos and write texts for them, but also a marketer who understands the needs of the target audience and the possibilities of an advertising account.


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Advertising in social networks consists of creative (photo, video, animation) and text. In search engines only from text.

Advertising text is not an ordinary story about life or the benefits of a product / service. This is a professionally written sales text, consisting of a structure and competent abstracts.

Not all targetologists, contextual advertising specialists or SMM specialists can issue this. Therefore, an author (copywriter) who understands marketing and knows how to correctly design selling texts can come to the rescue.

A copywriter who specializes exclusively in creating advertising theses is a niche that is still easy to fill!


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Earlier we mentioned that the ad layout consists of text and photo/video/animation (optional). The visual component is extremely important, since a person in 80% “pecks” at the picture and only then pays attention to the text that accompanies it.

Not everyone can create a beautiful photo collage, mount a video or come up with and implement an animated video. That’s what creatives are for. Such a specialist should not only be well versed in applications for processing photo and video content, but also have knowledge in marketing in order to attract the attention of a potential client and encourage him to click on the ad and go to the seller’s website.


Marketer – an interesting and complex profession that has many branches. One of these is insta marketing and work with contextual advertising.

Specialists who can attract customers through social networks and search engines are in great demand today. Large companies are ready to pay decent wages to such “masters”, and they, in turn, undertake to attract new customers and increase the employer’s profits.

🔴 Which of the proposed professions seems to you the most interesting?

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