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5 mistakes women make with permanent eyebrow makeup

The master has nothing to do with it: the mistakes of women with permanent makeup of the eyebrows

Permanent eyebrow makeup is the introduction of pigment under the skin in order to create the desired shade and shape.

There are various methods for performing permanent makeup. Some masters offer clients nano-spraying, others – powder, others – practice hair technique. The differences are insignificant, if the work is done qualitatively.

5 mistakes of those who did permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow permanent makeup
Eyebrow permanent makeup

Quite often, women who decide on a permanent make-up procedure are dissatisfied with the result. Most blame the master, and then sign up for a second procedure with another specialist and are again indignant because of the final effect.

We tried to figure out with the help of experts why permanent eyebrow makeup might not work. and whether the beauty master is always to blame.

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Mistake 1: Incorrect preparation

Designation of the contour for permanent makeup

Many masters offer potential clients to come for a consultation. This allows the beauty specialist not only to get to know the woman personally and study the source material, but also to give a number of recommendations.

For example, a few days before the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the solarium, do aggressive peeling, as this injures the skin.

But dyeing eyebrows with henna or paint before the permanent makeup procedure is not prohibited. On the contrary, this is a great way to determine the shape and make the work of the beauty specialist easier, because he will only have to trace the outline.

Mistake 2: Breaking the crusts

Failed permanent makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup needs time to heal. As a rule, crusts appear on the 2-3rd day. They are not particularly noticeable, but many women manage to consider and pluck them. So what?

The process of eyebrow healing after permanent makeup is similar to how the skin is restored after abrasions and scratches. Therefore, if you break the crusts ahead of time, voids form. As a result, the eyebrow will be unevenly painted over, and this will cause indignation among the client.

Mistake 3: Correction too soon

bright eyebrows

After the crusts come off, the shade of the eyebrows is not as bright as many women expect. Most decide that the master was incompetent and immediately sign up for a second procedure with another specialist. But this is a big mistake!

Pigment needs time to take root and finally manifest itself. Calculating this period is not so difficult.

  • Masters use this formula for those over 30 years old: the age of the client plus 10.
  • If the client is under 30 years old, 30 days is enough for the skin to recover.

Only after this period can we talk about the final manifestation of the shade and make a decision whether to darken the eyebrows or not. Otherwise, you can not only acquire excessively dark eyebrows, but also significantly injure the skin that has not had time to recover.

Mistake 4: Not considering your skin type and lifestyle

One of the most frequent complaints of women who decided on permanent eyebrow makeup: “The color quickly washed off, but the master said that it would take a long time.”

In fact, the period during which the pigment injected under the skin will remain is very individual. No one can give a clear prediction. because everything depends not only on the dyes used, but also: the client’s skin type, lifestyle, nutrition, age, etc.

On oily, porous skin, the pigment fades very quickly, on dry skin it lasts the longest.

It is important to understand that the younger the woman, the faster the restoration and renewal of the skin occurs, respectively, the pigment brightens faster. Also, the pigment is “washed out” faster in those who lead an active lifestyle. Regular visits to the pool, sauna affects the shade. Constant sweating due to physical exertion also makes the eyebrows lighten.

Mistake 5: Asking to cover up an old tattoo

Woman with 4 eyebrows

A good and experienced master will not undertake to cover up an old eyebrow tattoo where an undesirable shade has appeared, since removal is the surest solution. Only after the skin is prepared, you can start drawing new eyebrows.

A beginner, or someone who is not involved in tattoo removal, is more likely to agree to paint over blue or red eyebrows, succumbing to the persuasion of the client.

Woman with 4 eyebrows photo

In such a situation, both are to blame: the first is not competent enough in the profession, and the second does not want to spend extra money and time on removal, believing in a miracle. But, as you know, the miser pays twice, and the result will not be the same as expected.

Tell us about your experience of visiting a permanent makeup master. What was the end result?

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