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5 Reasons to Choose Permanent Eyelid Makeup Over Eyebrows

Why permanent eyelid makeup has become more popular than eyebrows

Permanent makeup (aka micropigmentation, dermopigmentation) is a procedure for introducing pigment under the skin in order to create a permanent pattern.

A permanent make-up is a kind of tattoo on the face. True, it is performed for a shorter period, since the introduction of the pigment occurs only in the upper layers of the dermis. The main purpose of permanent makeup is to improve the shade, give shape or adjust the existing one.

Permanent eyelid makeup photo

Permanent makeup was previously associated exclusively with eyebrows. Today, beauty masters who work in various application techniques (powder, nano-spraying) can correct the shape and shade of the lips, draw an inter-eyelash contour and perform permanent make-up of the eyelids.

The latter option has gained unprecedented popularity over the past 2-3 years, while powdered eyebrows have begun to lose ground. Why women are increasingly turning to masters with a request to remove the permanent from the eyebrows and draw arrows, we decided to figure it out.

Why eyebrow perms are no longer relevant

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup is gradually losing its relevance, and there are several reasons for this.

  • Main – trendy natural eyebrowsso many girls try to grow their own hairs by applying for procedures lamination and botox.
  • Appeared it is possible to do a transplant. This is a new procedure that is identical to a hair transplant from the back of the head to the frontal or parietal. As a result, the eyebrows take on a natural look.
  • The brow trend is over. Today, the presence of free space between the hairs is relevant, so even shadow shading is not in demand.

Also among the reasons why girls and women began to refuse this procedure:

  • High price. During the pandemic, many beauty professionals have increased the average check;
  • The emergence of a large number of unskilled specialists and, as a result, poor-quality results;
  • The need for additional beauty procedures, since neat eyebrows do not compensate for all the makeup.

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5 reasons to choose permanent eyelid makeup

The permanent makeup of the eyebrows, due to the reasons mentioned above, began to lose ground, and the arrows on the movable eyelid, on the contrary, gained unheard of popularity. We understand why this has become so important.

Can’t paint

Beautiful permanent arrows

The first and main reason why girls and women decide on permanent make-up of the eyelids is the opportunity to get up in the morning and feel beautiful. No perfect eyebrows can replace arrows, which usually take a lot of time.

hard to mess up

Permanent makeup of the upper and lower eyelids photo

The symmetry of the eyebrows is a difficult task, unlike the arrows. The shape and size of many women do not change over the years, so they ask the master to repeat the usual makeup.

With eyebrows, everything is more difficult – you need to draw the correct shape, get used to it, not to miss when applying a permanent, and most importantly – choose the right pigment. Nobody wants to walk with blue or green eyebrows in 6-8 months.

Save time and cosmetics

Permanent eyelid makeup - black arrows

Permanent makeup of the eyelids allows you to save at least 10 minutes in the morning, which is required for the average woman to apply eye makeup. At the same time, according to fashion trends, eyebrows are only combed with a special brush, without tinting with shadows and a pencil. Makeup is natural and light.

Good background for evening make-up

Arrows before and after the permanent

Many makeup artists have a negative attitude towards permanent makeup, believing that it is rarely done correctly and spoils the natural beauty of a woman. However, the masters do not have as many complaints about the arrows as they do about the eyebrows.

The eyelid permanent is usually neutral. It is easy to adapt to any kind of make-up. It also serves as an excellent base for applying shadows.

Opportunity to refuse a number of beauty procedures

Permanent make-up of the eyelids

By choosing “eternal arrows”, you can refuse a number of beauty procedures, such as eyelash extensions or lamination, as the emphasis will be on a different zone. Moreover, now the trend is “naked make-up”, which involves the rejection of mascara.


Permanent make-up of the eyelids is not only practical, but also beautiful. This is a great opportunity to get rid of the difficulties with drawing symmetrical lines. This is especially true for older women and those who do not have special skills in applying makeup.

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