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5 reasons why bangs look ugly

Why bangs look ugly

Sometimes you plan to change something in yourself for years, choose the perfect haircut, go to the master, and leave the salon with a strange bang.

Why this happens and who is to blame for the fact that the bangs look ugly decided to figure it out.

Reasons why bangs look weird

Every woman cut her bangs at least once in her life. Someone is satisfied with the result from the first time, others are waiting for it to grow back and remember this experience as the worst adventure with hair. To make the haircut always bring joy and pleasure, we suggest considering the main nuances that make the bangs look ugly.

Too thick

Too thick bangs

Many women overestimate the thickness of their own hair and decide that the bangs should be without gaps. Naturally, they inform the master about their desire and manage the process, saying that they need to highlight a couple more strands.

Result: a huge bang, resembling a helmet, and a rare ponytail, because all the bulk of the hair went forward.

Too rare

Too sparse bangs

There is also the opposite situation, when instead of thick bangs, they decide on too rare. Given that. that hair is dense and thick – this is a good option, but for rare people – a failed decision.

Very short

Very short bangs

Fashion for baby bangs has passed, and failed to win the love of women over 20 years old. And this is not surprising, since such an option with an even cut looks extremely strange. I just want to pull it down a little so that it reaches the eyebrows. Short bangs are relevant only with a stylish haircut. The cut should be thinned, and the entire length should be graduated.


sloppy bangs

Having decided to make yourself an even bang, it is important to ensure that the cut is made as if under a ruler. No cloves and layers should not be!

The ideal cut is easiest to make by dividing the bangs with horizontal parting into three sections. Each subsequent one is 1 mm longer than the previous one.

In no case do not cut the entire mass of hair at once. It will ruin the cut!

No thinning

Bangs without thinning photo

An even cut looks neat, provided that the hair is straight and smooth. If the quality of the hair leaves much to be desired or the structure is wavy, do not give up thinning. Having slightly thinned out the ends, the master will set the direction for the bangs, styling will become easier, and the haircut itself will acquire a stylish and modern look.


Cutting bangs is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. Firstly, it is important to choose the right shape, since not all options are suitable for every type of face. Secondly, the allocation of the zone is of great importance. It is worth incorrectly designating the angle, as the strands will be divided in the center, climb into the eyes or “run away” to the side.

By the way, the five most popular types of bangs in 2021 were discussed in 👉 this article.

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