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5 Reasons Why Stylish Women Don’t Wear Gold

Why stylish women don’t wear gold jewelry

Stylists are increasingly reminding us of the need to complement daytime and evening looks with jewelry and accessories. Earrings, a bracelet or a necklace can breathe new life into a dress that has already been presented to the public more than once.

But why, when talking about jewelry, fashion connoisseurs do not mean gold chains, earrings and rings at all? We propose to understand…

What’s wrong with gold jewelry?

Beautiful fashion bracelets
Now the trend is bracelets of different designs, but the same color.

Gold jewelry in the understanding of most women is a standard weaving of chains and bracelets, earrings with an English clasp, crosses, medallions, pendants. And from the point of view of stylists, all this has nothing to do with the current fashion, because the trend is completely different design.

So why is gold jewelry bad? We offer to consider the main reasons why stylish women choose not gold jewelry, but metal ones.

Fashion is changing fast

Beautiful fashion bracelets photo

In fact, there is nothing wrong with precious metals; moreover, they are still valued, admired and delighted by the fair sex. Questions arise exclusively to design.

Fashion for jewelry, like clothes, is changing rapidly. Yes, something is returning, but still not in the same form as it was 10-20 years ago. Take flared jeans as an example. Try to find these in your mother’s wardrobe and look at the current models in the store. Both pairs will be flared at the bottom, but the difference between the old and the new ones will be enormous: a different fit, color, length… The same thing happens with jewelry: those worn in the 2000s will never come back into fashion in the same form. There will be a similar design, but not 1 in 1.

In order not to wear gold chains and earrings to a jeweler for remelting after a year or two, it is better to give preference to trendy jewelry made from alternative inexpensive materials. That’s what most fashionistas think.

Dangerous to wear

Many rings on one hand
Rings do not have to be worn only at the base

Now there are such times that if you don’t drive your own car, it’s scary to wear something more expensive than a couple of thousand rubles. What can we say about an expensive necklace or earrings with diamonds? In such to work in the subway, only desperate ladies decide to ride. Another thing is jewelry from democratic Zara, Bershka, Mango, etc.

Look old fashioned

layered decoration
Layered decoration is a trend

Most of the jewelry we have in our vanity boxes has been passed down from generation to generation. Yes, they are very valuable and dear to the heart, but they are clearly lagging behind modern fashion. It is better to admire them while being at home, and to go out to people with modern accessories.

small size

Now the trend is metal jewelry in gold and silver, however, of a huge size. It is extremely expensive to make such precious metals to order, yes, and there is no point: fashion is changing rapidly. And in the standard form, gold earrings and chains are very delicate and thin – not at all the same as recommended by stylists.

Difficult to combine

It so happened that today the trend is jewelry that has similar elements. And we are used to buying gold and silver as a set. That is why stylish ladies choose jewelry instead of precious metals – it is easier to combine it.

Very expensive

Beautiful bracelets on the girl's hand
The absence of stones does not make decorations boring.

Every woman can be stylish. To do this, you do not need to spend your entire salary on new outfits, it is enough to learn how to plan purchases and correctly compose images.

For each outfit you need decoration in a certain style. Gold is expensive to buy, and wearing the same chain with earrings all the time is a completely unstylish decision. No universal jewelry! Therefore, it is cheaper and more practical to acquire several metal necklaces and earrings of different sizes, colors, and designs. Today, no one who is versed in fashion will shame another for the lack of expensive jewelry, because simplicity and the ability to see beauty in everything are in trend now.

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