Идеи для стрижки, если отросло каре

5 trendy haircuts for those who have grown a bob during self-isolation

A caret has grown: how to get a haircut when salons open

Someone has already gone to work today, and someone is still waiting and bored at home in self-isolation. We offer to spend the remaining days of imprisonment with benefit and decide on a hairstyle that can be done if during this time you have grown a bob and want to somehow change the image.

Option 1: straight cut

Fashionable haircut to the shoulders

The most fashionable hair length in 2020 is shoulder length. And there should be no bangs, no cascade, no lengthening of the face. A perfectly even cut, made not with scissors, but with a typewriter, is what is in trend. You can complement this haircut with fashionable coloring using the balayage technique.

Option 2: long bangs

Fashionable haircut with long bangs

If you’ve never had bangs, now is the time to cut them. In the trend, an elongated bang is a curtain, which, when stretched, reaches the tip of the nose. Such bangs are laid on brushing, and then parted in the center. The length of the hair at the same time can be even, and “with a ladder.”

Option 3: shaggy bob

Shaggy bob haircut

If there was a bob-car or with an extension to the face, you can replace it with a fashionable shaggy bob haircut. The idea of ​​the hairstyle is to create a “torn” effect throughout the hair.

Such a haircut is easy to style and does not require the use of a large number of styling devices. All her charm is in light negligence. It is enough to dry the hair with a hairdryer, setting it in the right direction and styling with a fixing mousse, wax or cream.

Option 4: short crown

Miley Cyrus haircut

You can get rid of the caret, but you can keep the volume at the crown. There are two options for this: we cut the ladder along the entire length, or we choose one length and shorten the crown. In the second option, a ladder is needed in front and preferably a bang to “combine” the short top of the head with the whole hairstyle.

Option 5: smooth-bob

Bob haircut, like Buzova

Olga Buzova made such a haircut for herself during one of the Internet battles and did not lose. The image turned out to be both daring and romantic. This length does not “break” in the neck area and is easy to style. Even a low ponytail can be assembled!

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