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6 mistakes that make loose hair look boring

6 common habits that make loose hair look boring

Many women are used to believing that there is nothing better than loose hair, because it is a sign of femininity and tenderness.

In fact, long or medium hair in loose form in most cases looks very boring and dull. There is a standard set of reasons why this happens. We tell and urge to correct the situation.

Why does loose hair look boring?

Loose hair is an expression that is relevant for owners of hair of medium length or below the shoulders. Those who have a short haircut do not say that they have loosened their curls, since there are not many other options. But ladies with hair, from which you can make at least some kind of hairstyle, do not experiment with the image in vain.

Parting in the center

Bella Hadid hairstyles

Most women who prefer to walk with their hair down choose a parting in the center. This is practical and logical, but extremely boring!

It is worth moving the parting to one of the sides or completely getting rid of it by combing the strands back or disheveling them, as the situation changes radically. The hairstyle takes on some lightness, becomes more playful and attractive.

Perfectly smooth

Jessica Alba hair

With the advent of hair straighteners or straighteners, as they are also called, curly hair has become worth its weight in gold. For some reason, everyone decided that they definitely need perfectly smooth strands, completely forgetting about individuality.

You walk down the street and you don’t understand why everyone is so the same … But there are also long-lasting procedures, like shielding and laminationproviding long lasting smoothness to the hair.

In order to diversify your own appearance at least a little, it is worth at least sometimes abandoning the hair straightening procedure. Imperfect strands with a slight negligence are now in trend.

After braids

What does loose hair look like after braids

Many girls with long hair braid it at night. This keeps them from tangling. True, you should not dissolve the strands after such a hairstyle without prior styling. It looks boring and sloppy.

You can correct the situation with the help of a fashionable trio ironing, which will create the effect of pigtails right from the roots. Well, or straighten curls …

dirty head

Gigi Hadid hairstyles

Let your hair down only if it is perfectly clean. On the second and third day, stylists recommend doing simple hairstyles that mask staleness.

Split ends

Split ends of hair

When loosening your hair, it is important to take care not only that the head is clean, but also pay attention to the condition of the tips. Split ends deprive the hair of lightness, gathering in icicles in a matter of minutes.

It is worth cutting them and the hairstyle will look “expensive-rich”. And you don’t need to mill the ends, since density is in trend today.

We do not tint

mila kunis hair

Healthy and shiny hair cannot but attract attention. But to keep this radiance without proper care is almost impossible.

In order for the hair to be like in an advertisement for shampoo or balm, you need to periodically do care procedures, toning, and also use a hair dryer and curling iron correctly.

About what standard mistakes we make when drying our hair, told HERE.

To make your hair shiny, it is worth performing the tinting procedure once a month with special ammonia-free dyes, masks or balms. The compositions of such products fill the hair along the entire length, nourish and moisturize. As a result, it becomes smooth and silky.

And how do you feel about loose hair: do you consider them beautiful in any form, or is it still worth putting them in order before getting rid of the ponytail?

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