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6 most common myths about permanent makeup

Beliefs that cause women to refuse a permanent

Permanent makeup is a procedure that is not new, but there are still a lot of rumors around it. We offer to dispel the most popular myths that prevent women from deciding on permanent makeup. By the way, this procedure has two big advantages:

  • The ability to correct existing imperfections on the face;
  • The ability to save time on makeup.
Eyebrow tattoo
Eyebrow tattoo photo

Now let’s take a closer look at the reasons that prevent women from signing up for a master and saving themselves from the need to tint their eyebrows every day, draw arrows or outline their lips.

Reason one: it’s a face tattoo!

different eyebrows

Many are sure that permanent makeup is no different from a tattoo, because it is an identical method.

In fact, a completely different apparatus is used to draw the eyelids, eyebrows and lips. He has thinner needles and other dyes. The depth of penetration under the skin is minimal, that is, the pigment remains in the uppermost layer of the dermis and is removed naturally over time, which does not happen with tattoos.

Reason 2: It will hurt!

Girl before permanent makeup procedure

Since childhood, we have been shown in movies how the faces of those who decide to get a tattoo change. And since many people equate a permanent with a tattoo, the conclusions are drawn accordingly. But there is one big difference.

Permanent make-up is applied to the face after the anesthesia has taken effect. These are not injections, but special creams and ointments that isolate the desired area for a set period, allowing the master to work with it calmly, and the client not to feel anything. There is a primary one, which prepares the client’s skin for work, and a secondary one, which is used during the session.

Permanent eyelid makeup
Permanent eyelid makeup

If during the procedure it hurts, you must inform the specialist. He will add anesthesia to make the client feel comfortable.

Reason 3: You will have to shave off your eyebrows

One of the most hilarious myths about permanent makeup is the fear that the procedure cannot be performed without first shaving one’s own eyebrows. Who came up with this?

Eyebrow permanent makeup
Eyebrow permanent makeup photo

The master carefully works with a machine, pushing away native hairs. You don’t have to shave anything! And if you have seen examples when eyebrows are completely devoid of hairs, then this is a cause, not a consequence. It was the absence of hairs in this area that led women to the master of permanent makeup.

Reason 4: The month will look ugly

stages of permanent make-up healing

Immediately after the procedure, eyebrows, arrows and lips look great, but on the second day crusts appear. There is nothing wrong with them. This is a natural dermal repair process. It looks acceptable, so you won’t have to take a vacation to hide at home. And if you have seen terrible examples resembling wounds, then this is poor-quality work.

If the crusts swell, disturb, fester, you must immediately contact the master and get instructions on what to do next. It is impossible to treat wounds on your own, as well as to tear off the crusts in order to see a beautiful result sooner.

Reason 5: Be sure to infect something

Failed permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure, since it penetrates under the dermis. All tools, equipment and premises must comply with sanitary standards. If you are not shown disposable tools, the master is without gloves, you are embarrassed by the situation in the office, there is no work permit, do not agree to the procedure!

It is necessary to clarify all the details, request information about the sterilization of instruments, and only then agree to the service.

Reason 6: Eyebrows will be very thin or wide

strange eyebrow

The shape of the eyebrows when applying permanent makeup is discussed with each client individually. At the beginning, the specialist draws eyebrows with an ordinary pencil and coordinates the sketch.

If you come across women with a strange shape of eyebrows or arrows, you should not judge the master. This is the choice of the client and this is how he feels comfortable.

Eyebrows before and after permanent
Permanent eyelid makeup photo

A competent specialist will not impose his vision of beauty and persuade him to make any form just because it is now in trend. He will listen to the wishes of the client and will do everything to satisfy them.

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