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6 signs in the interior by which you can identify the traveler

6 signs in the interior by which you can identify the traveler

Someone is waiting for a vacation all year to go to their favorite sanatorium, hotel or country house. Others are used to traveling and have no idea how long it is possible to stay in one place for a long time when there is so much beauty in the world.

It is not difficult to understand that in front of you is a person who lives by traveling. They constantly talk about what they have seen, because the impressions are overwhelming. And the appearance of a person who has seen a single country is noticeably different from ours. They seem to be one step ahead and know how we will dress, cut or paint in a year or even two. But today we will not talk about the appearance of travelers, but about their housing.

The apartment of a person who cannot sit in one place for a long time is also a very interesting object. And there are a number of features that unite them.

There are no fresh flowers at home

artificial flowers for home

To understand that you have come to visit a person who is often absent from home, you can use such a design decision as artificial flowers. On the one hand, they are in trend because they do not require maintenance. But on the other hand, who makes people who are not at home for a long time buy artificial greenery?

Designers assure that travelers’ love for artificial flowers is easy to explain. They want to feel even at home the freedom that nature gives them. But for the sake of your own comfort, you have to give up real houseplants.

natural materials

Stone bathroom sink

Furniture, unlike artificial flowers, for those who often visit the most unusual and beautiful places on our planet, is usually made from natural materials. A massive oak table, a stone sink, wooden partitions are only a part of what can be done in the interior from natural materials.

no curtains

Blinds on the windows

Another feature of the apartments of those who are used to traveling is the absence of curtains. The reason is the frequent change of time zones and the desire to sleep. They usually rely on shutters to protect the sunlight. They are dense, comfortable, durable and do not need to be washed every couple of months, like curtains.

In the kitchen, a bar counter instead of a table

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas in any apartment.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

You can understand that the apartment belongs to an avid hostess by the presence of a huge table and several sets of dishes. And the traveler’s accommodation is distinguished by a bar counter. It is stylish and comfortable, as noisy companies are rare here. Mostly they see friends in a cafe, but at home everything happens on the run, there is no time to set huge tables with a tablecloth.

no bedroom

Living room with kitchen

Travelers quite often choose small apartments, as they do not spend much time in them. They don’t see any sense in highlighting a separate area for the bedroom, it’s better to equip a sports corner or a zone for computer games so as not to get bored.

There is a “corner of pride”

Souvenir rack

A person who rarely travels abroad can afford to bring a vase, a huge fan, or something else that reminds him of the country he has visited. Inveterate travelers do not like to spend money on useless huge souvenirs.

They bring what is really expensive. Usually these are small souvenirs, found shells or stones, photographs.

All this is located in a separate corner in the apartment. As athletes have a shelf with awards, so travelers have a special “corner”.

How do you feel about travel and does travel reflect on the interior of your home?

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