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6 skin care mistakes that lead to aging

Avoiding sunscreen and other habits that damage your skin

To preserve youth, avoid the premature appearance of wrinkles, age spots, you must follow a number of recommendations from makeup artists and cosmetologists. Professionals in their field will not give bad advice, so we write down recommendations and do not repeat standard errors.

Habit 1: Treating acne with products that dry out the skin

Facial care

Acne is a problem for many women. Someone immediately takes up the treatment of acne, others start the situation, and then struggle with scars and spots on the face. But even late skin treatment is the main problem.

The most common mistake among women who have acne is treating skin rashes with drying compounds (calendula, alcohol, etc.). And it’s good if the drug is applied pointwise, because many people wipe their entire face with a cotton pad dipped in the drug. As a result, the skin is dry, flaky and prone to wrinkles. Yes, and acne with such treatment does not “leave” much.

What to do?

Treat acne properly with moisturizers. Creams, ointments that do not dry the skin must be applied not pointwise, but completely treat the skin. This will help to cope with the problem and keep the skin in good condition.

Habit 2: Only use SPF creams at the beach

tanned face

The skin of the face is extremely delicate and needs not only daily moisturizing and cleansing. She also needs protection from the sun, and not only in the summer. Of course, you don’t need to put sunscreen on your face if you’re going to work. But it is necessary to choose a foundation with SPF for every day. It will not only make the tone even, but also protect against the aggressive sun better on the way to the office and back.

And if you’re going for a walk and plan to ditch your make-up, use your standard sunscreen or vacation spray. At times like these, it is also needed.

Habit 3: Sleeping with makeup

Sleep with makeup

Even if we are talking about light makeup, which, according to many, has worn off all day, it is simply necessary to wash it off before going to bed. And not with ordinary soap, but according to all the rules: removing makeup, cleansing the skin, moisturizing. This is the only way to keep the skin young and elastic. By the way, if you plan to lie down to sleep during the day, follow the same procedure. After sleep, makeup still loses its freshness and looks sloppy, so it’s better to wash everything off right away and reapply if necessary.

Habit 4: Applying foundation without moisturizer

Applying foundation

Perhaps the most common makeup mistake is not using moisturizer. But it is important to prepare your face for makeup! At the beginning, cleansing, then moisturizing, and only the third stage is the application of foundation (with SPF, remember, right?).

Habit 5: Incorrect use of remedies

face mask

Many dream of a magical drug that, in one (maximum 2) application, will relieve acne, dryness, narrow pores, and remove blackheads. But that doesn’t happen.

The drug must be used according to the instructions, the specified period, and it usually ranges from several weeks to a couple of months. No need to give up the funds ahead of time! An exception is a negative effect after application, for example, itching, irritation, redness of the skin. These are clear signs that the remedy you are using is not right for you. If after the first or second application of the cream / mask / spray there is no result, be patient, the conclusion can be made after at least 2-3 weeks.

Habit 6: Overgrooming

Face cleaning

In skin care, it is important not to overdo it. Many women, if they want to get rid of acne, rashes, blackheads, etc. use different means that have the same effect. As a result, the skin is injured too much, which worsens its quality. It is also important to use compatible products. For example, after peeling, do not wipe your face with alcohol wipes and do not clog pores immediately after cleaning.

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