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6 things that will save when it seems that there is nothing to wear

6 things to use when you feel like you have nothing to wear

The problem of “nothing” to wear arises in every woman. And the majority, asks such a question, standing in front of a closet full of various things.

Why is this happening, let’s try to figure it out …

Why does it feel like there’s nothing to wear?

How to wear orange pants
How to wear orange

A full closet of things does not mean that the images can be varied, stylish and not boring. Many women, having a huge collection of clothes, look the same. There may be several reasons:

  • All things are similar, as many women buy identical clothes if they find them comfortable;
  • There are no accent things: everything is gray and boring;
  • Few outerwear. This, by the way, is one of the main reasons why we look crowded and of the same type;
  • No bags or accessories. Not always, in order to diversify the image, you need to change one of its main components. Sometimes it is enough to change the necklace and take a new handbag so that the outfit breathes in a new way.

What to buy to improve your wardrobe?

Outfit with print
We combine prints

Of course, in order to competently sort out your own wardrobe, you need a stylist who sorts out clothes. The connoisseur of fashion will leave the necessary, put the outdated aside and show what images can be made from what is available.

Since the stylist is not available to every woman, and showing your wardrobe to strangers is unusual, we suggest going the easier and more practical way. We buy more things and shoes that can transform any wardrobe, giving a lot of new and modern looks.

White sneakers

What to wear with white sneakers

The first thing you need to purchase is white sneakers. The most ordinary, without drawings, inscriptions, catchy logos and bright laces. It should be comfortable shoes, preferably of good quality.

Advantages white sneakers:

  • Universal. Suitable for any clothes, even a dress.
  • Comfortable. Many have special insoles, thanks to which the legs do not get tired.
  • Stylish. No matter how fashion changes, stylists will never include ordinary white sneakers in the list of anti-trends, because these are basic shoes.

To shortcomings you can attribute their property to quickly get dirty, but if you choose leather, caring for them is not difficult.

Jacket is 1 size bigger

How to wear a brown jacket

The styles of fashionable jackets change every year, but the jacket is always in trend. Of course, they undergo some changes: sometimes fitted, sometimes shortened, sometimes with large patch pockets or shoulder pads.

To wear a jacket for a long time and combine with the maximum number of things in the closet, it is best to choose the simplest one. The fabric should be dense and hold its shape, the buttons should be simple, and the color should be neutral – black, white, brown, beige.

How To Wear a Gray Blazer For Men

Why is it 1 size bigger? To wear a jacket with both T-shirts and sweaters, without restricting your own movements.

White pants

How to wear white pants as a grown woman

When it seems that there is nothing to wear and you wear the same thing every day, get white trousers.

  • Firstly, they are universal and can be combined with the top of any color. Therefore, we take any T-shirt or pullover and look amazing.
  • Secondly, they are not fat, as many people think. The main thing is to choose a free model.
  • Thirdly, white trousers look elegant and will definitely attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Stylish looks with white trousers

Beige trench coat

When it seems that there is nothing to wear, first of all it is worth buying outerwear, and not another T-shirt with jeans.

Beige trench coat

We choose practical outerwear that will not go out of fashion next season. Trench is just such an option.

We choose an elongated classic trench coat and wear it with the usual things, but at the same time we look stylish, unusual and modern.

White shirt

How to wear a white shirt stylishly

It would seem like a white shirt can diversify the wardrobe, it is even more boring than everything that is in it. In fact, we will wear the shirt as an additional layer in the image, and not an independent unit.

We put on a shirt under a voluminous jumper, on a turtleneck, on a tight-fitting long dress. You can also wear a cropped knitted top on top.

Stylish images with a white shirt for spring

There are a lot of options, and all of them, most likely, are already in the wardrobe, where the only thing missing is her – a comfortable white shirt.

Beige bra

What bra to wear with a sheer blouse

There are a lot of bright things in the wardrobe of a modern woman. But only a few know how to wear them correctly. As a result, having tried on something light or translucent, the majority decides to postpone the outfit until better times, because something is wrong with it.

In fact, the main problem with such things is inappropriate underwear. Replace a black or white bra with a beige one and the look will sparkle with new colors. Mysteriousness, sophistication and sophistication will appear, and not the vulgarity that has slipped so far.


It is not always necessary to completely change the wardrobe. Sometimes it is enough to buy universal things to equalize the accent and printed outfits in the closet. And the listed basic elements of the wardrobe in most cases will help save outdated things.

How to wear anti-trends told in detail IN THIS ARTICLE.

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