Как необычно зашнуровать кроссовки

6 ways to lace up shoes in an unusual way: instruction, video

Custom lacing – an easy way to make shoes stylish

New shoes stopped pleasing after a week? Try to style them in an original way.

To begin with, you can add stylish high socks (examples HERE). Then we buy colored laces, you can even multi-colored ones. If this does not fit, we move on to the most trendy option for styling autumn shoes – the original lacing.

We show and tell how to stylishly lace up boots and sneakers. No, we will not weave butterflies or make a knot, only stylish and easy-to-use examples.

Method 1: with a heart

This unusual way of lacing is ideal for trendy autumn sports shoes: sneakers, sneakers. We start from the second hole, crossing the laces. We move down with an interval of one hole, then we make a hidden loop and return in the same technique.

This method of tying shoelaces looks stylish and unusual. It seems that two laces were used at once.

Method 2: with a stick

Bought new shoes and are afraid to unlace, because you don’t know if it will be possible to repeat the pattern? You should not worry about this anymore, because we have collected the most trendy options.

The original lacing for soft sneakers (yeezy) is created with a stick or pencil. We place the object in the center and make additional loops. This method will allow you to easily tie the lace, creating unusual knots in the center.

Method 3: fake loops

Love boots with loops, but the store only had holes for laces? It doesn’t matter, we will make the loops ourselves.

To do this, we divide the lace into two different parts and thread it through each hole, creating small loops. Then we connect the edges with a cross.

Fast and easy!

Method 4: darning

We create the effect of complex lacing by threading the laces not only through the loops, but also crossing in the center.

Method 5: no knots

In order not to tie the laces on a bow or knot every time, we form a simple design from the tails. To do this, we fold them in a spiral, and thread the free edge through the center.

Method 6: spiral with rhombuses

To make the pattern on the shoes created with the help of laces look original, we thread each side through the holes in a spiral, and then connect in the center.

And how do you lace up your shoes: share the method in the comments!

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