Ошибки в нюдовом макияже

7 Classic Nude Makeup Mistakes

Not everything is so simple: 7 standard flaws in nude makeup

Many have heard about nude makeup, but not everyone knows how to recreate it in practice. She told about the subtleties and nuances of a nude make-up for women in 👉 THIS ARTICLE. And today we will consider standard errors, because it often happens like this: you do everything according to the instructions, but it still doesn’t look very good.

Classic Nude Makeup Mistakes

Nude makeup is a way of applying decorative cosmetics so that, when looking at the face, it seems as if it is not there at all. However, all flaws must be carefully disguised, and features emphasized. Also, the face should not seem pale and boring, since nude makeup is about naturalness and tenderness. rather than a complete renunciation of cosmetics.

If you apply a balm on your lips or use only one foundation, you will not get a nude make-up. He doesn’t look right!

Dense foundation

Too thick tone

The first and main mistake when deciding to create a neutral, almost imperceptible makeup is choosing the wrong foundation. Details about what tonalkas are told 👉 HERE.

Nude makeup involves applying a loose foundation that allows you to mask redness, but does not create a dense layer. No primer is used, but concealer and corrector are needed. They remove dark circles under the eyes, age spots, acne.

Lots of shine

A lot of highlighter on the face photo

Nude make-up in many women is associated with tenderness. This is a completely accurate definition, since its main task is to emphasize the natural beauty of the face. But there is one fairly common mistake – the decision to use a highlighter.

It can be present in the make-up, but in doses – only on the cheekbones and the tip of the nose. It is not necessary to distribute it all over the face, making the skin shine like a Christmas tree.

eyelash extensions

Makeup with eyelash extensions

Thick and voluminous eyelashes have long been the dream of many women. But with the advent of such beauty procedures as extensions, they have ceased to be inaccessible.

Now stylists cannot wean the fair sex from the habit of building too thick and unnatural eyelashes. But with them, not only you can’t create a nude make-up, but also the daytime one looks rough. They are only suitable for evening outings.

Eyebrow tattoo

bright eyebrows

Another popular beauty procedure is tattooing. Permanent makeup allows you to forget about the need to tint eyebrows or draw arrows for a long time. you can also give brightness to the lips by performing a contour tattoo or with shading, painting over the entire surface.

However, eyebrow tattooing has a number of disadvantages:

  • the transition of the pigment to an undesirable shade if the procedure was performed poorly;
  • too bright shade initially, which looks unnatural on the face.

Both the first and second cases will become a problem for those who decide to opt for nude makeup. Bright eyebrows will stand out from the general ensemble of gentle tones. You will have to replace the neutral make-up with a standard daytime one, which is brighter.

Blush and different colored lips

Inharmonious makeup

One of the most common nude makeup mistakes is choosing different shades of blush and lipstick. But this type involves the creation of a make-up in a single range. Identical shades are applied to the moving eyelid, lips and cheekbones. For example, everything can be done in peach, pink or sand.

Too pale lips

Bad nude makeup

Nude makeup should not look boring or be associated with illness. It beautifies the face, and does not deprive it of its brightness, so lipstick of a prominent shade must be applied to the lips.

No arrows

boring nude makeup

Light and delicate makeup should not be devoid of accent details. Mascara can and should be applied to the eyelashes, but in a small amount. And it is recommended to highlight the corners of the eyes with the help of arrows. We draw them with a brown or gray pencil to preserve the tenderness of the image.

How do you feel about nude makeup and do you practice it?

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