Необычные белые стрелки на глазах

7 fashion techniques for colored eye makeup for autumn

Non-standard eye makeup trends for the autumn look

Eye makeup can be of different types. First of all, makeup artists divide it into day and night. Also, do not miss the seasonality, since summer trends are very different from winter ones.

In today’s review, we decided to highlight the autumn eye makeup trends that young fashionistas are delighted with. By the way, if you are a little over 30, would you repeat such a make-up?

Trend 1: Liner Wings Technique

Wings Eye Makeup Technique

An original effect on the eyes can be created using a colored liner. A thin ponytail, reminiscent of a felt-tip pen, allows you to effortlessly highlight the corners of the eyes. So that the drawing does not look trite, we lead the arrows from the outer corner of the eye upwards, imitating a wing.

This makeup is suitable for those who decide to collect their hair in a fashionable tight ponytail or bun and are afraid that the image will turn out to be boring. Believe me, with such wings there will definitely not be a lack of attention.

Trend 2: active shadows + eyeliner

Bright shadows and eyeliner

Juicy eye makeup, suitable for the shade of the sweater, or, conversely, contrasting with it, we complement it with black eyeliner. This technique allows you to highlight the look, make it slightly squinted and mysterious.

Active shadows are recommended to choose adjacent shades, and classic eyeliner – black.

You can place the arrows not only along the cilia growth line, but also higher.

Trend 3: colored arrows on the lower eyelid

Colored arrows on the lower eyelid

One of the most versatile tricks from makeup artists for creating a bright autumn make-up is drawing colored arrows on the lower eyelid. It is fashionable to combine the lines with black eyeliner applied close to the upper lash line. The second option is to leave the only accent in the eye makeup.

Trend 4: double, colored, graphic arrows

Weird double arrows

One of the most complex modern eye makeup options is double graphic arrows. To draw them, a liner or eyeliner is used. Shadows in this case are not suitable.

Original arrows

There are many options for the location of the arrows – next to each other, at a distance, diagonally, perpendicularly, etc.

Trend 5: mono shadows

pink eyeshadow all over

Instead of the usual smokey ice, made in dark colors, makeup artists recommend choosing a juicy and simpler option – mono-shadow. the essence of the technique is to apply one shade to the entire moving eyelid.

Bright shadows on the upper eyelid

The edges can be shaded with a brush or, on the contrary, drawn by highlighting the contour.

Trend 6: lavender with mascara

Lopez purple eye makeup

Bright makeup with emerald shadows
Selena Homer green shadows
Bright eye makeup with shadows and arrows
fuchsia eye shadow

Another current autumn trend in eye makeup is applying lavender shadows to the moving eyelid. In addition, it is recommended to highlight the cilia using the “spider’s paw” technique. To create it, mascara is applied in several layers. After each eyelashes are powdered.

Trend 7: Color

Beautiful bright makeup in vertical technique
Very nice makeup for the evening

Applying contrasting shades of shadows will help create a juicy look that will decorate any total black outfit (in the fall, we love to dress in black things from head to toe).

Evening makeup with arrows of different colors
Very bright make-up under the dress

There is no special technique for applying colored shadows. Someone chooses horizontal, others – vertical or “wing” technique. You can use dry textures or creams for this. And to enhance the wet effect, you can use Vaseline.

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Note: fashionistas are somewhat tired of minimalism in clothes and the lack of bright prints, so they gladly accepted and supported the trend for juicy autumn makeup. Stylists assure that this trend will remain with us for some time, so do not rush to deny it. Perhaps in a couple of months you yourself will decide on colored arrows.

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