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7 makeup trends summer 2021: an overview of the nuances

We make ourselves fashionable: the subtleties of the main summer trends in makeup

We tell you exactly how to paint this summer in order to be in trend.

Trend 1: wet skin effect

Brilliant makeup
Wet eye shadow
Glitter Makeup
Wet red makeup
Wet lavender makeup
Wet nude makeup
Bright eye makeup with a wet effect
Gentle make-up with a wet effect

If you have oily skin, there is a high chance that the shine will appear almost immediately, as you find yourself on the street. Of course, you can “powder” your face to the state of a mask, but makeup artists do not recommend resorting to this method in the hot season. It is better to do the right make-up.

For women and girls with such a problem, there is one of the main trends of the season – makeup with the effect of wet skin. To make it work, you will need special cosmetics – liquid highlighters, dry illuminators. Cream textures allow you to create the desired effect on the face, lips and eyelids.

The only negative is that if there are rashes on the skin, the effect of moisture will not look so attractive.

Trend 2: baby face

baby face makeup
baby face makeup example
Gentle make-up like a child's
cute makeup

So, what is a baby face you have probably heard. And, if not, we remind you: a pretty face that has retained a childish blush and outlines. Some women manage to maintain a baby face for many years, and for those whom nature has not awarded with such a gift, it is too early to despair. A pretty face can be “drawn” with the right cosmetics.

Such an effect as a baby face is characterized by: blush on the cheeks and nose. They are applied as if you were a little burnt in the sun or shy.

By the way, the baby face trend is great for daytime makeup and undesirable for evening makeup, as it will contrast with an elegant dress.

Trend 3: monochrome makeup

natural eyebrow shape photo
Light day makeup with peach blush
Beautiful girl with light makeup
Makeup with the perfect tone for every day
We make ourselves fashionable: the subtleties of the main summer trends in makeup
Light shimmery makeup
cute girl photo
Delicate eye makeup photo

Monochrome makeup is a technique that should be adopted by both adult women and young fashionistas. The essence of the technique is to make most of the zones in one color.

The monochrome technique allows you to create a delicate make-up in nude tones, come up with something juicy in orange or pink tones. And you can also make a creative make-up and conquer everyone at the party.

Trend 4: Not Black Smokey Ice

Green smokey ice for green eyes
Smokey eye makeup
Pale pink autumn makeup
Lavender eye makeup
Brown smokey ice with arrows
Brown smokey ice with arrows
smokey ice photo
Beautiful smoky eye makeup

Smokey ice is still a trending technique for eye makeup. True, there are nuances. For example, it is recommended not to use more than 2-3 shades. And they should be very similar to each other.

The result of such a smokey is a gentle make-up with smooth transitions. No aggressive black and white make-up, which was previously associated with this technique.

Trend 5: accentuate bright lips

Red lips and shadows
Makeup with an emphasis on lips
Makeup with an emphasis on lips
Evening makeup with arrows and dark lipstick
Red hair and red lips - makeup
red lips and red hair

If bright eye makeup is not for you, bet on accent lips. Glossy lipsticks and glosses are in trend. Remember that many bright colors require the perfect tone. This technique will avoid focusing on the shortcomings of the skin of the face.

Trend 6: all types of arrows

Makeup with arrows for every day photo
Shimmery makeup with arrows
Evening makeup with long arrows
Neat makeup with arrows
Small classic arrows on the eyes
Unusual arrows on the eyes
brown arrows
bella hadid arrows

Arrows of any kind are what is in trend today for women of any age. Thin, bold, classic, colorful, geometric, with rhinestones – every lady will be able to find a suitable option for herself. The main requirement is careful execution.

Summer makeup deserves special attention, because it involves a number of subtleties and nuances. It is important not only to choose the right colors, but also to choose cosmetics that protect against UV rays, withstand heat, do not roll due to sweat and do not shine 10-15 minutes after leaving the house.

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