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7 pieces of modern and stylish bathroom in 2021

Stylish bathroom ideas to look out for

Designer renovation is associated with large amounts of money and huge areas. But do not rush to conclusions, as many chips can be introduced into ordinary apartments with standard repairs. We have collected current proposals from designers to improve bathrooms for those who are planning to make a small renovation.

What bathrooms are in fashion now?

The most modern design solutions in the field of arranging bathrooms involve the allocation of a huge space for a shower, the use of natural wood, the installation of the bath itself in the center of the room or transparent plumbing.

All this is expensive, and it is not suitable for ordinary apartments, so we decided to focus only on those novelties and trends that are applicable in standard apartments.

Feature 1: tiles for laminate

Wooden bathroom design

Today it is fashionable to decorate walls and ceilings with laminate. This technique has also reached the bathrooms. True, due to constant moisture and evaporation, the laminate will not last there for a long time, so designers advise choosing tiles of the same shade instead.

Feature 2: different tiles

Stylish toilet with different tiles

Previously, bathroom tiles were chosen in two colors – dark from the floor to the middle, light to the ceiling. Today, interior designers recommend a different layout scheme: the wall behind the bathroom and the finish in front of it is one view, behind the sink and mirror is the second view, the remaining space is the third.

Feature 3: round mirror

Bathroom with round mirror

An easy way to make the bathroom a little more modern is to get rid of the standard cabinet with a mirror. We change it to a separate unusual mirror, and organize additional storage space for bathroom accessories.

Feature 4: Unusual Storage Spaces

Bathroom shelf

You should not give all the free space in the bathroom for bulky cabinets with doors. Pay attention to stylish storage boxes and shelves. They can beautifully arrange towels and other decorative elements that create comfort in the room.

Feature 5: bathtub with glass partition

Bathtub with partition

Instead of a bathroom curtain, you can install a stylish glass partition. It will protect the room from moisture splashing while taking a shower and will allow you to keep the opportunity to fully bathe in the bathroom. It is also easy to disinfect and does not need to be changed as often as the curtain and other familiar things in the house.

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Feature 6: sink like a basin

Stylish bathroom sink

It used to be fashionable to order a huge sink covering the entire surface of the nightstand. And today it is better to give preference to a separate sink, resembling a basin. it is installed on top of a countertop or cabinet. Looks stylish. And it is also very practical, water does not splash, you can wash small things.

Feature 7: Fasteners are not just for towels

Stylish toothbrush holders

To free the countertop and get rid of clutter, you should pay attention to the various fasteners. Today there is a holder for toothbrushes, wall-mounted dispensers for liquid soap, hooks on which you can hang styling tongs, a hair dryer.


A modern bathroom doesn’t have to be monochromatic or overly colorful. The most relevant color scheme, according to designers, is the use of monochrome shades and similar textures. For example, if marbled tiles are chosen, you should not combine them with a geometric pattern.

It is important to save space and not clutter it up. Designers recommend using walls to store toothbrushes, towels, soap and other hygiene products.

Instead of closed cabinets, place a bookcase along the wall, and replace the standard rectangular mirror with a round one. This will add comfort and relieve the feeling of stiffness.

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