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7 Shampoo Mistakes: Hair Stylist Tips

7 shampoo tips to keep your hair looking fresh longer

Clean and voluminous hair every day is the dream of all women.

Perhaps the most time in the morning preparations is spent on laying the hair. This forces many to give up length, making a practical haircut, walking with a ponytail, wearing hats, because there is not enough time for daily hair washing.

Dirty hair

Do you need to wash your hair every day?

Trichologists, hairdressers and stylists say out loud that most women take care of their hair and scalp incorrectly, which necessitates daily washing. We decided to deal with the typical mistakes that stimulate excessive sebum secretion, which makes the hair look greasy in the afternoon.

Mistake 1: hot water

Faucet with water drop

Hot water stimulates excess sebum secretion, and also negatively affects the quality and shade of hair. It is recommended to use water at room temperature when washing.

Error 2: hot airflow when drying

Drying hair with a hairdryer

Regular styling with a hot hairdryer leads to excessive production of sebum, so it is recommended to dry the hair roots at medium temperature or cold air. Hot use only for styling the length and making the curls smooth and silky.

Mistake 3: don’t lather your shampoo

Shampoo in the palm of your hand

Trichologists recommend pre-lather the shampoo in the palms, and only then apply it to the hair. This allows you to better cleanse the scalp. You don’t need to cut the length. It is enough that the foam flows down it.

Mistake 4: Only one application of shampoo

Washing head

Shampooing should take place two or three times, not in one step. Even if it seems that the first time there was a lot of foam and the skin was well cleansed, repeat the procedure. This will keep your hair fresh for longer.

Mistake 5: no peeling

Scalp peeling

High-quality washing of the scalp is a guarantee that the hairstyle will remain airy, light and fresh longer. The truth is to achieve a good cleansing only with shampoo is difficult. For oily skin types. it is recommended to use peeling regularly. This is a scrub-like product, not with smaller particles that do not injure, but rather stimulate hair growth.

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Mistake 6: Not washing my comb

Washing combs

One more nuance. because of which the roots quickly get dirty – dirty combs. Not everyone remembers that such items need to be washed regularly. Dust accumulates on them, dirt collected from the hair of not the first freshness, and then all this is distributed again over the freshly washed curls.

Mistake 7: Don’t let your hair dry

Wet hair

Experts recommend letting your hair dry naturally once a week. This allows you to restore water balance and maintain elasticity. At the same time, it is important that the strands are in a free state, and not tightly braided into a braid. Going to bed with wet hair is also not worth it.

Have you checked yourself? How many shortcomings have accumulated?

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