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7 spring-summer trends that will suit only thin people

Impractical: 7 spring trends that only suit models

Eminent brands have long come to produce separate lines for women of a dense physique and call them plus size. However, there are still few models from this category on the catwalk. Therefore, one has only to guess how this or that thing will look on a newly-made mother or a woman with many children, whose figure is far from model parameters.

We tell you which of the main trends for spring-summer 2021 are the most insidious and will suit only those who are very thin or do not leave the gym.

Top things that are suitable only for thin people

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So, we stop harboring vain illusions and bypass things that will definitely not decorate a non-ideal figure. And if you really want to put them on, we supplement them with a second layer to get rid of the accent and smooth out the corners.

Body with high slits

High bodysuit how to wear
High bodysuit with sweatpants

One of the main pieces of this season is the high slit bodysuit. All models and bloggers already have such a piece of clothing, but this trend is unlikely to reach the wardrobes of ordinary women.

  • Firstly, it looks defiant and frank, even in combination with jeans, and not short shorts or a skirt;
  • Secondly, such a bodysuit opens one of the most problematic areas of the body – the sides, which cannot be pulled in.

In order not to be complex and not to deprive ourselves of confidence in our own irresistibility, we wear a bodysuit with high slits along with a jacket or don’t wear it at all, since its zest will still be hidden. Why then is it needed? Let’s go with a standard T-shirt.

Square cut

Long sleeve with square neckline
Square neck blouse

This year it is extremely fashionable to wear knitted long sleeves, tops and dresses with a square neckline. It is believed that it creates an additional emphasis not only on the décolleté, but also on the collarbones, which act in a charming way on men.

True, many designers forget to clarify that such a style will be charming only on a thin girl. A lady of medium or heavy build runs the risk of visually expanding the upper zone and making it massive. And even bigger breasts look better with a V-neckline. A rule that always works!

Very puffy sleeves

Blouse with puff sleeves
Check puff sleeve blouse

Blouses and dresses with voluminous sleeves continue to be at the top of fashion items. Such products look stylish and catchy, but they are not suitable for everyone.

For example, they create an additional accent in the upper zone, making it more massive. With a thin physique, there is nothing wrong with that. But it is worth trying on a similar image for a lady with a standard figure, as both age and kilograms visually increase. You can replace it with a blouse with an accent collar.

Slip dress

Dress-combination of blue color photo
Slip dress back view photo

Another trend that fashionistas adore is the silk slip dress. It looks stylish and seductive, only on thin people. Ordinary women, even with the presence of super-slim underwear, do not become so graceful in these clothes.

It is better to wear such dresses for their intended purpose – during sleep. And for street walks, choose products from a denser material.

Knitted bodycon dress

Knitted dress photo
Knitted dress photo

Knitted midi bodycon dress promises to be a hit this summer 2021. V-neckline, wide shoulder straps and side slits are the characteristic features of the cut.

In general, such a product does not have a clear installation in relation to the figure for which it was modeled. But stylists claim that this is more suitable for thin people. Those who have a couple of extra pounds should wear it with an elongated jacket or oversized denim jacket.

parachute dress

parachute dress photo
Mint parachute dress photo

A parachute dress is characterized not only by voluminous sleeves, but also by the absence of an emphasis on the waist. The classic A-line is complemented by false layers. This makes the product look voluminous.

For thin people, this technique does not threaten anything, and women of average build risk visually adding weight to themselves. Stylists advise avoiding wardrobe details that flatten the waist and opt for those that allow you to create clear boundaries.


Beige Moms
Beige moms with sandals

Mom jeans are characterized by a high waist, a loose cut from the hip and a slight narrowing down. From the outside it seems that such a style is slimming, but it is worth trying them on and you are horrified by how large the size is needed.

The fact is that because of the high fit, standard-size jeans are not suitable for many women. You have to take 1-2 sizes up. As a result, they sit well at the waist, and the hips look huge. It is worth replacing them with ordinary straight cuts and the situation will immediately become better.


Many trendy items are suitable for girls of a certain physique, so you should not order such items on the Internet if there is no clear understanding of how the item will sit on a regular figure.

Dresses, jeans and blouses should emphasize dignity, not constrain movements and give a feeling of lightness. If you can’t achieve such a state with the help of newfangled things, you should not wear them.

Put on the usual style and do not change yourself!

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