Bob hairstyle

8 ideas for creating a look with a bob hairstyle in 2022 (with 58 photo examples)

A universal hairstyle that does not require complex care is a caret. Most often, it is performed by hairdressers in the salon for short and hair. For those who prefer romantic looks, an elongated bob for medium-length hair is suitable.

Bob hairstyle

The hairstyle can be styled in different ways, changing the appearance beyond recognition. It harmoniously fits into any face shape. This is due to the specifics of the hairstyle – it can be supplemented with different elements.

Design ideas for a bob haircut for medium length hair

It can be with or without bangs, with even hair or with volume created at the back of the head, with curls, with different coloring techniques and styling methods.

Bob haircut and face shape

Therefore, if you are in doubt whether a square is right for you, you can be sure that you will find your look with this hairstyle.

The correct form of a caret for short hair

What does a bob hairstyle look like

One of the most popular women’s haircuts is a bob. Its characteristic features are a straight cut line, which can be framed from a straight ear bud to the neck line.

Elongated bob hairstyle

The hairstyle can be without bangs or with it. This element also adds variety to the image due to its length and shape.

Haircut styling option for short hair

It can be straight or sideways, up to the eyebrows, elongated or shortened.

Kare for lovers of short hair

The history of bob hairstyles and fashion

The history of the square leads to ancient Egypt to the well-known queen Cleopatra.

Classic bob on short hair

Her image is associated with this hairstyle.

How Cleopatra adorned her hair with a bob

The woman cut her hair in a straight line and decorated their strands with various accessories – beads, tassels and others.

Modern bob haircut

Since the time of Cleopatra, fashion has changed many times and, having made another round, entered in the same form in our time.

How the fashion for a bob hairstyle has changed

Today, women have appreciated the caret for ease of care and spectacular appearance.

Laying a caret in a straight parting on medium hair

And fashion offered them this hairstyle in different variations. Some liked the straight bob with their severity, others brought romance to the image by styling their hair in a Hollywood wave.

Types of hairstyles

Kare with and without bangs

However, the signs of a classic square remain unchanged at any time:

  • an even cut of hair below the earlobe;
Asymmetrical bob for short hair

  • bangs to the eyebrows;
  • not using the thinning technique when cutting.
Elongated bob hairstyle

Today, in a bob, bangs are not a mandatory attribute, and the length of the hairstyle can be very diverse.

Coloring and styling for a bob haircut

The hairstyle will fit perfectly into the image of a self-sufficient woman. A variety of styling methods will allow you to effectively and differently look every day and on holidays.

A bob hairstyle will perfectly fit into the image of a self-sufficient woman.

Gorgeous female images with a bob hairstyle

All types of hairstyles, and the bob is no exception, are divided into everyday and festive. Their first look should be easy to install and at the same time look stylish and modern. Something more is always expected from holiday variations.

Hair styling option for short hair

They must impress and be very beautiful. Of course, it will take a lot of time to create them.

Blow-dry styling

By the way, for this it is not at all necessary to visit a hairdresser. Some types of spectacular hairstyles can be created with your own hands.

Creative styling options for a bob hairstyle

Creative universal options for bob hairstyles with bangs

Kare is most often worn with bangs. It can be straight, oblique, on one or two sides.

Creative variations of bob hairstyles

With any of its options, hairstyles with tails, braids and buns will look good. They will turn out spectacular even on short hair.


Styling done in different ways can completely change the image. Such a touch as a pigtail braided on one side will help to add zest to it.

Weaving a braid on a square on one side

You can include elements of bangs in the braid. And then the hairstyle will look in a different style – more strict.

Bob hairstyle with bangs in a pigtail

Many people think that a short haircut is boring, because it can only be styled according to one pattern. In fact, on short hair, you can create masterpieces.

Casual bob look with short hair

For lovers of an unusual look, images with many braids are suitable. They can be collected in bundles and bundles.

Braids on short hair with bob haircut

The result of the weaving technique from the face is interesting. It creates the effect of long hair.

Weaving braids from the face to a bob hairstyle

These hairstyles look festive, but at the same time suitable for every day.

Braiding techniques for bob hairstyles

Options for hairstyles on a square, if the basic haircut is without bangs

Many variations of a bob without bangs. When styling them, it is possible to apply all the same ideas that are ideally obtained on variations of hairstyles with bangs.

Styling options for medium hair

In everyday conditions, hairstyles with buns will be spectacular. On hair without bangs, their double variations, made in the form of “horns”, look good.

Bunches and

If the bangs have grown, then so that it does not interfere, it can be removed in a braid. This technique is used when you need to collect hair without compromising the appearance.

Braid options for a bob haircut

This type of hairstyle will save the situation if the head is not washed and there is no time for this procedure, but you need to look stunning. Untidy curls will be hidden in the collected strands.

Braids in a classic bob hairstyle for medium hair

The technology of weaving braids on a bob hairstyle

If you follow the step-by-step algorithm of actions, then creating a masterpiece with braids will not cause difficulties.

Creative variations of braids on a square with medium hair length

For this you need:

  • separate the strand from the face, which will be braided, while it should begin behind the central parting;
  • fix the hair that will not be woven into the braid so that it does not interfere;
Festive variations of bob hairstyles

  • perform the side weaving technique with the addition of strands from the total volume of hair;
  • complete weaving in the center of the ear;
  • fix the end of the pigtail with a hairpin, hiding it in the hair.

How to make two bunches for a bob hairstyle

One of the fashionable styling options today is the creation of two beams on the head. Despite the apparent complexity of the technique, following the algorithm, you can make a masterpiece yourself.

Two bunches on a bob haircut

For this you need:

  • wash, dry and comb your hair;
  • highlight the parting and separate the hair, placing them on both sides of it;
  • highlight the comb strands on both sides from the ear to the parting;
  • pull the strands back and twist the bundles out of them;
  • fix the resulting bundles with an elastic band.
Bundle options for bob haircuts for different hair lengths

Hairstyle caret with curls

Hairstyles with curls are traditionally called Hollywood. They are associated with something mysterious, incomprehensible and at the same time pleasantly impressive. To create such a masterpiece on your head, you will have to work with a hairdryer and a curling iron.

Festive bob haircut

In order not to spoil the quality of the hair under the influence of high temperature, they need to be applied with a thermal protectant. To fix curls, prepare hairspray. If it is appropriate, then you will need special jewelry that will give the hairstyle.

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To get a festive square, you need:

  • to wash hair;
  • dry your hair with a towel;
  • apply a heat protectant
  • blow dry your hair, styling it with a round comb, lifting it from the roots;
Bunches on the hairstyle

  • comb;
  • Re-apply thermal protectant.
  • make a parting straight or shifted to one side;
  • separate a strand of medium thickness and wind it on a curling iron;
  • repeat the curling iron technique with all hair;
  • fasten jewelry in the hair;
  • sprinkle with varnish or spray to fix the hairstyle.

Greek styling on a bob hairstyle

Another type of creative design of the square for the holiday is Greek styling. It gives a romantic look and is ideal for dates, parties and holidays.

Greek styling on a bob hairstyle

To create it, you need a standard …

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