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8 nail trends for 2021 that not everyone knows

Current trends in manicure that not everyone knows about

Manicure trends are fleeting, just like clothing fashion. You come to the master for correction after 4 weeks, and she already has a new palette of shades. And so every time.

In order not to get lost in a manicure, it is important to understand: fashionable shades change quickly, but design trends are more durable. Therefore, we propose to study the current trends in manicure, which not everyone knows about, in order to

8 manicure trends for spring summer 2021

Manicure design - inverted heart
Short transparent manicure photo
Transparent manicure with sparkles
Practical manicure design
Red geometric manicure
Red manicure with animal design
Beautiful marine manicure
Purple waves - manicure design

You can talk about the palette of fashionable shades for a long time, but there is no need, because everyone has their own idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat color nails should be. Someone is chasing new products, others have a dress code at work and nothing can be brighter than nude, and still others are used to red and are not going to give it up.

In order not to change yourself, we suggest focusing not on color, but on the drawings.

Remember that any trendy design can be adapted to your own wardrobe, appearance, style and lifestyle. To do this, you just need to change the shade.

Trend 1: Wide jacket

Unusual french manicure

French manicure never goes out of style, but every season it changes. When it was deep, then very thin, last year without rounding, and this year nail art masters suggest paying attention to a wide jacket.

The design feature is that the drawing and the nude part occupy the same space. We divide the nail plate in the middle and apply color not only to the free edge, but also to part of the nail.

Trend 2: Divide in the center

Design for long nails in blue tones

A design similar to the first option involves dividing the nail plate in the center. The line is straight, without rounding. Slight blurring of the border with a wide brush is allowed.

Trend 3: Very deep holes

Hollow nail design

Lunar manicure refers to a long-term manicure. Thanks to the transparent gel polish applied along the cuticle, the color regrowth is less noticeable than with a solid color design. This year, the masters offer to deepen the holes even more and make them look like small balls.

This style is suitable for long and short nails.

Trend 4: Different colors on both hands

Different varnish on hands photo

It used to be fashionable to paint your nails according to Feng Shui, highlighting the middle and ring fingers. Now a manicure is considered relevant, in which gel polish of different colors is applied to both hands. Shades do not have to be adjacent. The choice, as a rule, falls on opposite colors.

Trend 5: Imperfection

Manicure with daisies photo

Previously, it was important to apply the design to all the nails in the same way. For this, stickers, stamping, stencils and more were used.

Today, many drawings by nail service masters are performed by hand. It is even fashionable to place images in different parts of the nails, without trying to repeat the composition to the smallest detail.

Trend 6: Texture

Nails with waves photo

The main trend of 2021 “naturalness” could not ignore the nail service. Someone took it literally and stopped applying gel polish to the nails, leaving them uncoated. Others decided that the image on the nails of various textures was what they needed.

Trend 7: Liquid metal

How to draw liquid gold on nails

Metal elements are one of the main trends of this year. They can be present on clothes and shoes, decorate bags, wallets, backpacks. Also, it is metal jewelry for the neck and hands that are considered the most relevant.

Such a trend could not bypass the nail service industry. The image of liquid metal on the nail plate appealed to the owners of nails of different lengths and shapes. Gold and silver are usually combined with a nude base and white gel polish.

Trend 8: Different patterns in the same color

Manicure with daisies photo

In continuation of the “non-ideal” trend, I would like to talk about the tendency to draw different patterns using the same shades of gel polish. Usually 2-3 colors are combined.

Repetitions can be through one or completely different. There is no need to depict anything complicated with this design on the nails. It can be freehand curved lines, flowers, geometry with peas. The main thing is not to add accent shades.

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