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8 Residential Decisions That Spoil New Renovations

Popular solutions that spoil the new renovation

Summer is a great time to renovate. Many people prepare for the renovation of their own homes throughout the year, think over the design, study magazines with selections of modern interiors, buy materials for wall and ceiling decoration, and in the end they realize that something is wrong in the room. I decided to collect in one place the most popular mistakes of those who are engaged in repairs on their own in order to warn the rest.

So, we tell you exactly what decisions you should not make when starting repairs.

Ignore new decor


Any competent designer will offer to “settle in” the interior with the help of small decorative elements. These can be vases, photo frames, paintings, handmade lamps, storage boxes, etc.

Many residents decide to abandon this item in order to save money, so they put Soviet souvenirs, old photo frames and services that have nothing to do with stylish and modern design on new shelves and racks.

Do not change textiles

Out-of-date curtains

Another popular shortcoming of the owners is the decision not to change the curtains after the repair. But they become obsolete even faster than furniture and lamps. Therefore, you should not be faithful to the curtains, even if they are handmade, if the embroidery decorating them has lost its relevance in the last century.

Leave old doors

Old doors in the apartment

Change of wallpaper and flooring, restoration of the ceiling – all this is included in the main repair work. But replacing doors for many residents is not an essential task, although in most cases it is with them that you should start updating the interior.

Keep obsolete equipment

Old chest of drawers in the apartment

Of course, no one forces you to change an old vacuum cleaner or food processor after repair. But getting rid of the music center, which has not been working for 20 years, is worth it. It usually occupies the most prominent place in the room and with all its appearance reminds of how everything looked before the repair.

Chandelier in the center of the room

Outdated chandelier

Another element that many residents keep during renovations is a chandelier. It is worth washing and it is like new, no one touches it for years.

However, designers claim that a lot depends on the chandelier, so you should not write it off. A chandelier is the centerpiece of any room. Try replacing an outdated model with a modern, unusual design and notice how the room will sparkle with new colors.

old flooring

Old and new floor

Many tenants of high-rise buildings are sure that the repair consists in gluing new wallpaper or painting the walls. But there is also a floor! If you do not change the old linoleum or parquet for years, no new walls and textiles will save you.

Open storage spaces

How to put all the little things in boxes

The modern design of the apartments allows the combination of cabinets and whatnots. The main condition is that the items on the open shelf should be stylish and modern (remember the first point and fashionable decor elements). If you have accumulated a lot of cute little things that you don’t want to part with, you should think about closed cabinets and cabinets. They will help to “unload” the space and get rid of the excess, keeping it in the house.


How to choose a carpet for the house

If you have chosen a stylish new laminate, why hide it under a carpet that covers the entire space of the room? Opt for a pair of small rugs that add coziness and leave some of the floor exposed for everyone to admire the new design.

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