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About clothes: what to choose to stand out and remain yourself

About clothes: what to choose to stand out and remain yourself

Experimenting with your own style is quite difficult without the help of a professional. No matter how much you look at glossy magazines and do not plan a shopping list, once in the store, we still take the usual things. And the unusual ones, having tried them on, are postponed until the next shopping.

Simple tips for changing the image

Stylists claim that one of the main reasons for the indecision that overcomes us in the store is the desire to change dramatically. For example, having decided that it’s time to be feminine, we grab an almost evening dress, instead of starting with a simple one: complement the standard look with a delicate necklace or scarf.

We decided to talk about what clothes with a twist can bring life to the wardrobe without much loss for the usual way of life.

Gray jeans

What jeans are in fashion now

The most popular shades of jeans are blue and black. In order to change your own habits at least a little, you should pay attention to the actual friction shade for jeans, which for some reason is often ignored in stores.

Gray jeans, according to stylists, are a good buy, as they have a number of advantages:

  • practical, because they do not get dirty as quickly as blue or white;
  • universal – combined with the entire color palette;
  • fashionable – gray takes the second line in the list of the most fashionable colors of 2021.

Colored leather trousers

Choosing leather pants

Most women have leather trousers. The main color of these products is black. But there are many other shades that look casual and unusual at the same time.

Pay attention to stylish trousers made of eco-leather in olive or purple. We take the usual model, there is no need to perform several experiments at the same time. It is enough to start with the color of the product, and let the cut be standard and comfortable.

Jacket instead of jacket

Outerwear for spring 2021

It is in the spring that you need to pay maximum attention to outerwear, because it can both refresh the image and ruin it irrevocably.

In order to change a little, but at the same time not change the entire wardrobe and views on your own reflection in the mirror, stylists recommend deciding on a men’s style jacket. Yes, they have been in trend for several years, but they are mostly worn by young fashionistas. Older women remain faithful to light down jackets, calling them practical. Let’s try to replace them with a plain jacket or with a geometric print?

Very long trousers

Very long trousers

Among the most fashionable styles of trousers for the spring 2021 season, there are flared and palazzo options. If you choose these models in an elongated version, without fear of a soiled hem, you can create an unusual look, like models from gloss.

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Leggings with stripes

How to wear leggings with thongs

If your figure allows you to wear very tight pants or leggings, choose instead of regular ones with thongs. The remaining components of the image can not even be changed, this stroke will be enough for others to understand who is in the trend here.

Wearing a shirt oddly

How to wear a white shirt

To slightly change your own image, you can not even go to the store. It is enough to look at familiar things from a new angle. For example, we take the white plane that most people have and put it on with one of the non-standard looks. On a turtleneck, on a T-shirt, on a dress, under a knitted top or a cropped jumper.

Many stylish images can be assembled from what is in the closet, if you understand the techniques used by stylists.


Style with and without a hat

Women, as a rule, remember hats only when it’s really cold outside. But a hat / cap / panama or hat can perform not only its main function – to protect from rain and cold, but also be an accent detail of the image.

Try to complement your casual outfit with a matching headdress. Get a completely new style.


In order to change a little and get a lot of compliments from colleagues and a beloved man, it is not necessary to rush into the pool with your head: dye your hair blue, cut your bob or dress up like a clown.

It is enough to choose one unusual thing for your own wardrobe and introduce it into your everyday look. People around you will definitely appreciate the efforts and reward you with many compliments.

Stylists recommend changing in small steps rather than making huge leaps. So there is a chance that new habits will take root and remain in the wardrobe forever. If you immediately change a person into things unusual for him, he will not last long. Then there will definitely be a desire to return to your favorite faceless images and be yourself.

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