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Actual handmade details in autumn images

Actual handmade details in autumn images

Despite the fact that minimalism and simplicity are in trend, handmade products continue to be in demand. True, and they have undergone a number of changes.

For example, lost relevance openwork knitting. Now, craftswomen prefer mainly English gumbecause this knitting pattern is modern.

In addition to handmade knitwear, there are a number of additions to the images that no real fashionista would refuse. We tell what now delights connoisseurs of home works of art.

Drawings on the back of outerwear

pattern on denim jacket
What to draw on a denim jacket

To stand out and bring a piece of yourself into the image, but at the same time remain true to the minimalist style with all its features, you can decorate the back of a jacket, raincoat or bomber jacket.

Today it is fashionable to draw birds and animals, flowers, favorite comic book characters, children’s pictures. But abstraction and geometry are losing relevance, yielding to more accurate images.

By the way, drawings are best applied to denim products. It is believed that this way they retain their original appearance longer, without losing color and saturation.

Drawings on eco bags

Eco bag
Stylish eco bag

Another way to become stylish without experimenting with the usual way is to choose a bright eco-bag. In search of the right shopper, you do not have to wander around the city for a long time. since the most trendy ones are those that you or a familiar artist painted. We choose drawings identical to those that are customary to transfer to clothes.

Baby necklaces

Neck decoration in the style of children's handmade
Children's neck decoration

An unexpected stylistic device that has won the love of top fashionistas around the world is children’s necklaces. They can be made from one or more threads, have identical beads or completely different beads.

Usually such necklaces are created together with children. This adds to them a special charm and significance. It is best worn with a minimalist look and restrained colors.

resin rings

resin ring
resin rings

Earrings and pendants made of epoxy resin have been created by needlewomen for more than a year, so many fashionistas have had time to get bored with them. The new trend of the season is cute rings with resin and dried flowers.

Such decorations look extremely gentle, so they can harmoniously fit into both a work look and an evening outfit.

Original lacing on boots

Original lacing for sneakers
Unusual lacing for sneakers

If you do not want to decorate yourself with dubious handmade products, and knitting and drawing are not your strong points, do not despair. There is an idea how to look stylish, to be involved with those who support handmade, but at the same time remain true to yourself.

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We are trying to master one of the types of original lacing for boots. This, by the way, is a useful skill, as it will help transform even boring shoes. And if you also choose different laces, the image will not leave anyone indifferent.

How do you feel about handmade details in images?

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