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Makeup 2022: fashion trends and novelties

Makeup 2022: fashion trends and novelties

The migration of trends from one season to another is a completely natural phenomenon. Among the well-known beauty tricks are radiant skin (highlighter to help) and nude makeup. What about the new makeup trends 2022?

  • Rock beauty. To create a drama girl look, boldly use dark lipstick and black eyeliner, as seen in the Salvatore Ferragamo and Chloe show. Wide Asian arrows are also in trend, like any beauty references to punk, rock or goth.
  • In all the splendor. Glitter triumphantly walks the catwalks, winning hearts. Beautyholics give up without a fight, so the new best friends of girls are not diamonds, but shimmery shadows and rhinestones from the shows of fashion houses Dries Van Noten and Halpern.
  • In all the splendor
  • no brows.In the new season, makeup artists offer to make the color of the eyebrows identical to the color of the hair. Yes, even if you are blonde! Almost imperceptible or discolored eyebrows allow you to make a powerful accent on the eyes or give the image an actual androgyny (see Hermes, Mark Fast, Valentino).
  • Neon. Neon shadows and eyeliners are a must have in your makeup bag if you want to do a trendy 2022 make-up like from the Valentino and Carolina Herrera shows.

Let’s try to figure out how fall-winter trends differ from spring-summer trends?

Makeup autumn-winter 2021-2022

Winter 2021-2022 is a sponsor of interesting trends in both daytime and evening make-up.

  • Ruddy cheeks. And not just cheeks. Beauty gurus use blush for delicate contouring and boldly distribute it on the eyelids, temples and even the forehead.
  • rosy cheeks
  • Graphic arts. No – boring shooters, yes – graphical experiments. Of course, in everyday make-up it is better to limit yourself to the dress code, but in the evening you can completely surrender to beauty experiments and make unusual arrows: colored like Guy Laroche or black like Iceberg.
  • Lady in red. The Fendi brand chose the scarlet range for make-up in memory of Karl Lagerfeld, but the red lipstick itself is an eternal classic. If you have already found your shade, experiment with techniques: matte velvety, kissed lips effect, glossy shine, ombre, etc.
  • Lady in red
  • One for all. Mono-makeup involves the use of one shade in makeup. In autumn, bronze was especially relevant, and in winter – cold pink, which is applied on the cheekbones, on the eyelids, and on the lips, varying the depth of color using the layering technique.
  • Twiggy style. Back to the 60s? Why not… yes! To create the effect of “doll” eyes, pull the eyelashes with mascara straight up and forget about eyeliner. An option for the most daring – glued eyelashes a la spider legs.

Spring-summer makeup 2022

A brief forecast for the spring-summer 2022 season: nude refuses to give up its positions, and makeup is increasingly becoming a means of self-expression, not disguise.

  • No makeup makeup it’s still the same make-up without make-up, only with a new name. The main (and perhaps the only) rule that still cannot be violated is maximum naturalness. To achieve the desired effect, use a nude palette of shades and maximum shading without clear contours like Azzaro Haute Couture, Etra and Bottega Veneta.
  • No makeup makeup

  • Waltz of the Flowers. Delicate “marshmallow” shades are suitable for everyday make-up, and for bold outings – applications from flower petals! Lilac, pink, soft blue, peach… Translucent textures, light haze of shadows, obligatory blush… An ideal choice for romantics!
  • Smears and strokes. Makeup 2022 takes its cue from art. No complicated combinations of colors and shadings in the spirit of smoky ice: you can apply products with bold strokes, like an artist with a brush.
  • kiss of the sun. Draw freckles with a brown brow pencil and add a bronzer to the cheekbones in tandem with a dash of blush.

How to make stylish trendy makeup

Fashion makeup 2022 starts with a flawless complexion. Dense tonal creams and the effect of a mask are a thing of the distant past: mask skin imperfections with correctors and concealers, and even out the tone with tonal products with moisturizing ingredients. BB- and CC-formulas are relevant for all skin types, because hydration is the basis of the basics.

Ready for a beauty class? Watch the issue of “Makeup in the Big City” with Yura Stolyarov and Masha Maeva @maevamasha

To do makeup like Masha, you will need:

  • Concealer Fit Me 20.
  • Dream Satin BB cream in natural beige.
  • Eyebrow pencil Brow Precise Medium Brown.
  • City Bronzer 200 Palette.
  • Blush Fit Me Blush 25.
  • Eyebrow mascara Brow Drama Medium Brown.
  • Silver shadow Color Tattoo.
  • Highlighter Face Studio Chrome Extreme 300.
  • Snapscara mascara in Black Cherry.
  • Lipstick SuperStay Ink Crayon 55.
  • Powder Fit Me Powder 90.

Follow the step by step guide to create stylish makeup 2022!

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