Glitter pedicure

Adorable Glitter Pedicure: 100 Best and Trending Photo Ideas of 2022

When choosing clothes and accessories for the chosen image, do not forget that not only well-groomed hands with a neat manicure, but also legs without corns, cracked heels, with pedicure on nails play an important role in it.

 Glitter pedicure

Many men, and often women, mistakenly believe that the nail plates on the legs should not be given much attention. Especially when, with the change of seasons, you have to put on closed shoes on your feet.

Pedicure with white gel polish

The function of a pedicure is not so much beauty and eye-catching, but the prevention of many diseases, such as:

  • inflammatory processes of the nail folds;
  • defeat by fungal infections;
  • the formation of corns on the sole, cracks on the heels;
  • thickening of the epidermis in the form of calluses;
  • ingrown nail;
  • excessive sweating, which can lead to ringworm and onychomycosis of the feet.
 Pedicure with painting and rhinestones

The beauty of the legs is formed from a healthy sole, pink heels, well-groomed nail plates, regardless of the season. In winter, feet need the same care as in summer. And closed shoes cannot be a hindrance to a fashionable pedicure.

 Pedicure in green with pebbles

 Hand painted pedicure

 Gentle pedicure

Varieties of pedicure

Pedicure masters offer several types of nail plate care, each of which has its own characteristics.

Pedicure with kamifubuki


  • Classical with preliminary softening in baths with warm water, processing of nail plates and skin with a nail clipper. A classic pedicure is suitable for any, the most rough skin and dry cuticles with tears around the nails.
  • The European technique of execution is similar to the classical one. The difference is that instead of water to soften the cuticle and then remove it with an orange tree stick, they use special products that further slow down the growth of the cuticle. The European pedicure technique is one of the most gentle and safe.
  • Dry in execution is similar to European. The difference lies in the fact that all work to remove corns, any rough skin, cuticles is carried out without the use of emollients, by cutting with special ceramic and laser instruments. Only then are emollients used for the final removal of the cuticle.
  • The hardware is performed without any softening by a set of rotating nozzles, a device specially designed for this purpose, which allows you to adjust the length and shape of the nail plates, with polishing and cutting the surface, processing the cuticle.
Broken glass pedicure

Any of the selected types is aimed at eliminating compacted and keratinized layers of the skin, which prevents the formation of cracks on the heels, the growth of compacted tissue and calluses on the soles.

Glitter pedicure

Timely actions to remove burrs and proper processing of the periungual ridges contribute to the prevention of inflammatory processes. Massage improves blood circulation, normalizes the glands that produce sweat, and reduces the risk of infection.

 Broken glass decoration

A charming pedicure is the beauty of the whole leg

Modern types of pedicure are not inferior to manicure in terms of creativity of ideas, decor, and choice of patterns. A beautifully applied pedicure is able to perfect any stylish look, make it unique and sophisticated.

 Rubbing Pedicure

For solemn, festive days and events, special occasions, you should pay attention to the irresistible version of the pedicure-manicure tandem with sparkles, which is most popular among fashionistas.

 Glitter on matte pedicure

Glitter can be:

  • decorative sequins of different colors and sizes, often used in nail polishes;
  • ornaments and strips cut out of foil, which are applied to the surface of the nail plates with tweezers and glued;
  • the smallest shimmering particles of shimmers with a slight glow that changes shade from the angle of light hitting the coating;
  • different sizes of crystal crystals, crushed glass, plastic, acrylic, many of which can be reused;
  • broths of different sizes from small, similar to grains of sand to large, resembling rhinestones;
  • decor from kamifubukov, shiny confetti or sequins of different colors and sizes;
  • particles of polymer pollen-rubbing, giving the coating a mirror effect;
  • pollen from the finest mica with a chameleon pigment called Yuki flakes, so named for its resemblance to snow flakes.

But whichever option you choose for your nails, decor with it always looks bold and irresistible.

Pedicure 2022 with foil ornaments

Recently, decor with a metallic sheen has become very popular. You can create it with foil. She can focus on certain fingers, use as a base for other coverings. Abstract figures are laid out from the foil, used to apply volumetric ornaments.

Pedicure with golden foil stripes

Foil is used in different types of design: marble pedicure, moon, classic jacket. Glossy and matte surfaces are suitable for foil drawing. It is combined with a different range of colors and their shades.

Foil ornament pedicure

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Greece, the pedicure procedure necessarily included therapy with natural essential oils. In addition, the feet were completely stained with organic dyes.

 Lilac pedicure with foil patterns

 Light pedicure with foil

 Metal foil pedicure

Pedicure with shimmer particles

The purpose of the shimmers is to create a smooth, uniform surface with a slightly noticeable sparkle.

Lilac shimmer pedicure

Lacquers with shimmering particles look equally beautiful in a single color and in composition with other coatings. Shimmer varnishes are used to apply a French jacket, moon and classic pedicure. They are applied to all toenails or to individual fingers.

Silver Shimmer Pedicure

 Gentle pedicure with shimmer polish

Covering the nails with golden shimmer

 Nail design with shimmer on individual nail plates

Glitter pedicure is a brilliant trend 2022

Glitter differs from sparkles only in larger sizes that have a clear shape. If small sparkles can only be seen at close range, then the bright glitter of glitter is clearly visible from a distance.

 Delicate pedicure with glitter

With the help of glitter, you can make a monochrome coating, geometric patterns, stripes, patterns of various shapes. Glitter varnishes are obtained by adding large particles of polyester or aluminum foil to them.

Pedicure with glitter in the form of hearts and stars

Pink glitter pedicure

Pedicure with patterns

 Dark pedicure with glitter

Pedicure with crystals

Pedicure with crystal inserts has a wide variety of designs. It suits different techniques and design ideas. Crystals are used as an addition to drawings and inscriptions, classic and moon jacket, ombre, geometry, floral motifs.

Eggplant pedicure with crystal decoration

They are decorated with glossy and matte coatings, applied over foil, rubbing, sparkles. Crystals are combined with any of the most unexpected colors. In the warm season, red, pink, blue, yellow, orange tones are chosen as their basis.

French with rhinestones

With the onset of cold weather – a dark palette of shades. For nude, pastel, powder shades, there are no restrictions on the seasons.

Photo selection of chic glitter pedicures 2022 for inspiration

Marble pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure with rhinestones in light color

Bright red pedicure with rhinestones

Summer pedicure option

Pedicure for any season

Pedicure with rhinestones in pink

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