Advantages of eco-leather items: top 5 pluses

Why fashionistas highlight things from eco-leather

In fact, eco-leather has already moved from a fashion trend to a permanent classic. What is the secret of the popularity of this material, we propose to understand.

What you need to know about eco-leather

Black leather pants
Hoodie with leather skirt

Eco-leather has a wide range of advantages compared to many artificial materials. And this is not dermatin at all, as many are sure.

Most often, eco-leather is compared with dermatin because of their visual similarity, but their characteristics are different. For example, leatherette is considered less reliable and durable, so it has not taken root in the fashion world. It is not resistant to low temperatures, wears out quickly, ignites easily, hardens over time. And in things from it it is extremely uncomfortable in the summer, while fashionistas do not take off trousers, skirts and shorts made of eco-leather all year round.

Fashionable leather jacket photo

Brown leather pants

eco-leather is a high-tech material from which wear-resistant products are created. For example: clothing, accessories, furniture upholstery, car seat covers, etc. According to the characteristics, it is made on the basis of genuine leather, and the top coat is polyurethane.

The easiest way to determine which is which is by checking the thing for moisture resistance. Eco-leather absorbs liquid, and dermantin repels. And products made from eco-material are brighter. The reason is that the polyurethane coating is smooth, so the dye lays down evenly without losing brightness.

Advantages of eco-leather items

Street style leather jumpsuit
Fashionable black leather coat

In addition to the beautiful appearance and pleasant feeling to the touch, artificial leather has a number of advantages in comparison with natural and leatherette. Let’s consider them.

High wear resistance

Olive Leather Trench Coat for Fall
Stylish red leather jumpsuit

Due to its unique composition, eco-leather belongs to elastic materials. This avoids creases and wrinkles. Convenient for transportation, because you can put things in a suitcase without worrying about their safety. Also, it is convenient for those models of shoes that eventually form a crease in the toe area. Eco-leather allows it to be less noticeable.

Eco-friendly material

Fashionable brown leather coat
Fashionable pleated leather skirt

Every year more and more people pay attention to environmental problems. This contributes to the transition to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The trend for eco-leather products favorably fits the global trend towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, and the world’s Fashion Houses support it.

breathable material

Max Barskikh in a leather suit
What to wear with leather culottes

There is a myth that the body does not breathe when we put on artificial leather products. However, this applies to leatherette, which is based on cotton fabric with a nitrocellulose coating. It is this composition that becomes an obstacle to normal air circulation, creating a greenhouse effect. Do not confuse eco-leather and leatherette!

Popular things from eco-leather: autumn-winter 2021-2022

Stylish look with a leather jacket
Max Barskikh in leather pants

In recent years, eco-leather has been available not only in autumn-winter collections, but also in spring-summer ones. The demand for the material encourages craftsmen to create more and more models from it, despite the fact that previously it was customary to consider eco-leather as an exclusively winter fabric. With knitwear, by the way, the same thing happened.

We tell you which eco-leather models are now in trend.


Cropped leather trousers
How to wear leather pants in autumn photo
Stylish leather pants Zara
Wide leather trousers

Eco-leather trousers with each season only strengthen their position in a fashionable top. In the beginning, we wore tight leggings, then combos with denim or any stretchy fabric. Now loose-fitting eco-leather trousers are considered relevant. The belt can be represented by an elastic band, be laced. At the bottom there are lapels, elastic bands, small cuts.


Fashionable pleated leather skirt
Over the knee boots and midi skirt
Fashionable leather midi skirt photo
midi skirt

In the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, the popularity of eco-leather skirts is no less than last year. The most top models are with a front slit, wraparound, trapeze.


How to wear leather shorts in autumn
Cool look with shorts and boots photo
how to wear shorts in autumn
Fashion shorts for autumn 2020

Eco-shorts choose Bermuda or A-line style. Also, fashionistas quite often prefer the option of a skirt-shorts.

Short shorts made of eco-leather are important to wear correctly. They are combined with tights of various colors and shades. It is recommended to choose them to match the shoes. Also, tights in such an image can be contrasting, provided that other elements of the image are of a neutral shade or a monochrome range is maintained.

Sheepskin coats

Sheepskin coat made of eco-leather
Sheepskin coat from eco-leather example

Sheepskin coat-aviator made of eco-leather is a hit that has become a classic. Such outerwear is considered universal, as it fits various images. It can decorate an outfit in a sporty style, complement a casual look or combine with a classic dress. The main thing is to remember about contrasts and details.

See examples of successful combinations.


Leather folder bag
Bag folder leather photo

Leather bags, wallets, belts are a sign of wealth and love for quality products. However, today, in order to become a happy owner of a trendy bag, it is not necessary to pay a large amount for it.

There are many popular brands that work exclusively with eco-leather (by the way, global brands are gradually abandoning natural materials), in the lines of which you can find stylish and reliable accessories.

How do you feel about eco-leather, wear products from it?

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