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Age makeup: types, techniques, rules and mistakes

How to make age makeup?

The magnificent image of a modern woman is hard to imagine without makeup. With its help, you can not only emphasize outstanding facial features, but also hide age-related imperfections: mimic wrinkles, circles under the eyes, lowered facial contours, etc. The effect of fresh and toned skin is achieved using anti-aging cosmetics and special makeup application techniques — Lifting make-up. It will help its owner lose up to 20 years and give her face a natural radiant shade.

Basic rules for applying age-related makeup

age makeupWomen at any age want to feel attractive and well-groomed, and cosmetics help them with this. Properly selected skin care products give the face freshness and radiance, while decorative shadows and lipstick give brightness and elegance to the image.

The first thing that always betrays the age of women is the external condition of the skin. Over the years, wrinkles appear, the contour of the face drops, the eyelids swell and sag. These problems are easily eliminated with the help of modern cosmetic procedures – peeling, injections. Also one of the possible options is anti-age makeup or Lifting make-up.

Lifting make-up is a technique for applying decorative cosmetics to create the effect of tightened and elastic skin.

Makeup for older women should look restrained and elegant. Too bright shadows and lipstick not only accentuate the unevenness of the skin, but also make the image vulgar. The main tasks that lifting makeup performs are:

  • Elimination of the first signs of aging in women under 50;
  • Visual tightening of the skin and facial contour in women after 50;
  • Creating an elegant look.

These tasks are achieved by creating light highlights on the face with the help of cosmetics:

  • peach blush;
  • highlighter;
  • dark and light concealer;
  • nourishing foundation with light-reflecting particles.

Skin after 30 gradually loses firmness and elasticity. So many women face the problem of dryness and sagging of the eyelids. Therefore, it is especially important to apply a moisturizer daily, and a nourishing cream before bed. This is the first rule of preparing the face for lifting makeup.

On well-groomed skin, cosmetics lie more evenly, last longer and look more natural.

Lifting cream is used as a basis (base) for make-up. It is applied all over the face with patting movements. Excess funds can be removed with a dry cloth. Then, a matting agent is applied to problem areas of the skin (T-zone), and a nourishing base is applied to wrinkled and sagging (eyelids, face contour, neck).

Before using the foundation, the color correction of the face is performed. For this, a special anti-aging decorative cosmetics has been created – light and dark concealers with light-reflecting particles. Highlighters illuminate convex facial features. They visually remove age spots, even out skin tone, without weighing it down.

Particular attention in age makeup is given to the eyebrows. A neat shape with a raised end makes the look more youthful and expressive.

Foundation for women over 50 is selected based on the natural skin tone. An important tool in lifting makeup is also a bronzer. Unwanted areas on the face are darkened with a dark color – a massive contour, a sagging chin, swollen eyelids. A light highlighter is used to mask wrinkles, nasolabial folds, the corners of the lips and the middle of the forehead.

Age makeup is performed in neutral, restrained tones. Shadows and lipstick are selected taking into account the color type of appearance. It should be borne in mind that warm tones (beige, peach and light pink) visually rejuvenate the skin, and cold tones (silver, blue, purple) age.

Glitter is more commonly used for lips. They do not clog into wrinkles, but on the contrary smooth them out, give a juicy and shimmering look. The most suitable for daytime lifting makeup is a transparent lip gloss, and for evening – pink.

It is not difficult to perform makeup with a lifting effect at home. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and techniques, as well as purchase suitable cosmetics.

Basic rules for applying age makeup:

  • Concealers and proofreaders for aging skin should be liquid;
  • It is better to refuse pencils, as the dense texture eats into wrinkles and visually enlarges them;
  • The foundation should have a slightly yellowish undertone. They contain pigments of warm colors that visually rejuvenate the skin;
  • If using makeup brushes fails to achieve an even coverage, it is recommended to use a sponge pre-dipped in water. It removes excess funds and allows you to evenly distribute cosmetics throughout the face;
  • Women over 50 are strongly advised to give up powder. It clogs into fine wrinkles and makes them visually more noticeable. If the skin is oily and powder is indispensable, a transparent agent is used;
  • Eyebrow pencil is selected 1 tone lighter than hair (for brunettes) and 1 tone darker (for blondes). It is better to apply with light strokes, holding the pencil at an angle of 45 °. This is how the most natural result is achieved;
  • With age, eyelashes become more and more “straightened”. You can correct this deficiency with the help of a curler. A light curl will make the look deeper and more expressive;
  • Black eyeliner is best replaced with brown. This color looks more saturated on the eyes, but attracts less attention to itself.

Suitable Techniques

The technology for performing age-related makeup is based on the principle of a lifting effect – creating a contour, tightening drooping eyelids, eliminating skin pigmentation and evening out complexion. These goals are achieved using various techniques. The most common is contouring.


Face contouring step by step

contouring – modeling the shape of the face with the help of decorative cosmetics. This technique is the foundation of makeup and can be used for both daytime and evening looks. The basis of contouring is the following principle of action:

  • masking skin imperfections with dark matte concealers;
  • highlighting convex facial features with light highlighters.

So with the help of makeup, you can visually lengthen or shorten the nose, make the oval of the face more symmetrical, highlight the cheekbones, remove the cheeks, double chin, etc.

Rules for applying contouring – makeup:

  • shade with a dark creamy corrector: the top of the forehead at the base of the hair, cheekbones, the lower oval of the face, chin, earlobes, wings and the tip of the nose;
  • highlight with a light highlighter: the middle of the forehead, the cheeks in the center of the face, the top of the cheekbones, the top point under and above the eyebrows, the middle of the nose, two nasolabial folds;
  • carefully shade the borders;
  • set makeup with loose powder or spray.

All means, including the base under …

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