Airbrush on nails

Airbrush on nails

A beautiful and original manicure is what any girl wants to have. Now beauty salons use various technologies, but the most popular today is airbrushing.

With the help of a special device – an airbrush – an experienced specialist will be able to create real masterpieces on the nails. Airbrushing allows you to apply intricate patterns on your nails, amazing drawings that will amaze you with their beauty.

This material will help you understand in more detail what airbrushing is, how it is performed, what is needed for this and how to turn your nails into a real work of art.

What is an airbrush?

An airbrush is used to create colorful graphics on nails. This is a fairly compact device with which paint is applied to the surface. It is sprayed with compressed air.

Airbrush on nailsThe device with which the drawing is directly performed is outwardly similar to a regular writing pen. This is what allows you to create unusually realistic images. However, using only one airbrush, the procedure will not work. We also need auxiliary tools, for example, stencils, templates, etc.

Since airbrushing on nails is a kind of art, it needs to be carefully considered. It is necessary to plan every detail, select the necessary paints, prepare everything that may be needed in the process. Only this approach will allow you to create an original drawing on your nails, which will please its happy owner for a long time.

How is airbrushing done on nails?

Airbrushing is a very meticulous procedure, requiring high skill from the one who performs it. Only with the necessary qualifications, a specialist will be able to create an image that can be safely called a masterpiece. Only an experienced master will achieve smooth transitions between tones, find the right shades, get the effect of movement, and create interesting patterns. Such drawings will not leave anyone indifferent.

Airbrushing is carried out in several stages:

    1. It all starts with the background. The master can use either one or several paints, which will cover the entire surface of the nail.


    1. You need to wait a while for the paint to dry. Then a stencil is applied to the nail, and the paint is sprayed again.


    1. The master applies some small details with a brush and varnishes. In the same way, various effects are created.


    1. Using additional decorative means (rhinestones, sequins, stones, threads), you can achieve even greater perfection.


    1. The last step of the whole procedure is the application of a fixing agent.


Typically, an airbrush sketch is completed in no more than 30 minutes. But if the drawing is particularly complex and it is necessary to bring a lot of small details, then the master will need a little more time.

Aesthetic principles and examples of airbrushing in manicure

Airbrush on nails

There are many types of manicure, which is performed using an airbrush. You can use different options depending on your mood. Of course, the skill level of the specialist who performs the drawing is also taken into account. Here are some popular manicure options:

    1. Images on each nail can add up to the big picture. This requires special skill, because the drawings must be strictly adjusted in order to create a single whole.


    1. The abundance of pink colors will indicate that the owner of such a pattern is a subtle and romantic nature.


    1. It is better for young ladies to give preference to simple drawings, no frills.


    1. Abstract drawings, clear geometric shapes, lack of smooth transitions are most suitable for extravagant ladies.


    1. If a woman is young, modern, shows her individuality, then complex intricate patterns will come in handy for her.


    1. If you need to do a manicure for a special event (holiday, celebration), then airbrushing should be special: graceful, bright patterns. You can use some glitter.


    1. To get a great evening option, you can combine airbrushing with rhinestones. This will help create an original image.


Airbrush on nails

Airbrush on nails

Airbrush on nails

Airbrush on nails

Airbrush on nails

These are just a few interesting ideas for airbrush manicure. In fact, you can come up with a lot more options for graphics on nails. It all depends on the imagination of the woman herself and the skill of the specialist who applies the drawing. In any beauty salon, employees will offer interesting options, of which something will definitely appeal to your taste.

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