Перманентный макияж бровей

All about permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques

Permanent make-up is a special eyebrow styling technique, which consists in introducing a coloring composition with a thin contour needle under the upper layer of the epidermis. This method allows you to give the eyebrows the desired shape and color them by micropigmentation, so do not confuse it with eyebrow tattooing.

Advantages of permanent makeup

Eyebrow permanent make-up procedure

Often, girls do not attach much importance to eyebrow makeup, not thinking about how important it is to have beautiful and neat eyebrows that perfectly fit the shape of the face. However, in recent years, the trend towards well-groomed stylized eyebrows has allowed this attitude to be reconsidered.

Benefits of permanent makeup:

  • Simple and fast procedure;
  • The effect of natural eyebrows;
  • Harmonious and suitable form;
  • Correction of external imperfections of the face;
  • Fast recovery after the procedure;
  • Emphasizing the merits of appearance.

Among other things, permanent makeup will be an ideal basis for the rest of the make-up and will significantly reduce the time spent on eyebrow correction.

Professional makeup artists and cosmetologists say: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the eyebrows are its frame,” so the eyebrows should be perfectly shaped.

Permanent make-up of eyebrows

In some cases, you can correct the eyebrows with shadows or a special pencil. Many resort to the help of staining with professional paint or henna. However, there are a number of cases where these methods do not help. In this case, you should resort to permanent eyebrow makeup.

Indications for permanent makeup:

  • Lack of hairs or sparse eyebrows;
  • Scars or scars in the superciliary region;
  • Unaesthetic or incorrect result of plucking with tweezers;
  • Very light inconspicuous eyebrows, weak pigmentation;
  • The absence of a bright eye-catching contour;
  • Eyebrow asymmetry.

Also, permanent makeup is shown to girls and women who do not have enough time for daily styling and hair coloring. The advantage of such a make-up over conventional painting is a much longer effect – from six months to several years.

Permanent Makeup and Tattoo: Differences

Designation of the contour for permanent makeup

Despite the fact that the technique of permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing has some similarities, they should not be confused or identified. Before choosing between tattooing and permanent make-up, you need to familiarize yourself with their differences.

Difference between permanent makeup and tattoo:

  • The duration of the effect. The tattoo lasts like a regular tattoo, while a permanent make-up tends to fade for two years;
  • Depth of pigment injection. When tattooing, the pigment is injected deeper under the skin, otherwise only the top layer is affected;
  • Healing period. The crust with a permanent lasts two weeks, and with a tattoo – about a month.

Among other things, tattooing is also used to draw moles or flies, while permanent makeup is intended exclusively for eyebrows, eyelids, lips.

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques

Eyebrow spraying technique

The procedure of permanent makeup, like most services in this area, is performed by various methods and different tools. There are a number of the most common techniques for applying pigment to the eyebrows:

  • hair method;
  • Powder coating;
  • Nano-spraying;
  • Combined technique;
  • Shot or watercolor;
  • 3D technique.

Since shotting is used solely to emphasize the natural shade and shape of the hairs, and the 3D procedure requires complete removal of the eyebrows, girls are advised to pay attention to the first four options.

Blending or powder coating

Powder coating of eyebrows

Powder coating or the so-called shading is the main trend of the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. This procedure won the love of not only makeup artists, but also girls around the world.

Powder coating of eyebrows is a shading of the pigment under the upper layer of the epidermis without a rough fill and a sharp contour.

The spraying technique is really unique and belongs to hardware cosmetology. It helps to give the eyebrows the most natural look and resembles makeup with shadows and a pencil. After the procedure, the eyebrows acquire a matte effect and appear covered with a light layer of powder.

Powder coating or shading of eyebrows

The procedure is carried out with a special apparatus resembling a small tube. At the same time, the natural growth of the eyebrows, their natural shape and shade are observed. Powder coating only slightly corrects the shape, and does not create a completely new one.

Powder coating has a number of advantages compared to other permanent make-up procedures:

  • Durability of spraying from ten months;
  • The need for correction – once every few years;
  • Painless procedure;
  • Large selection of shades and shapes;
  • Ability to adjust color saturation;
  • Rapid healing and no crust on the eyebrows;
  • The duration of the procedure is an hour and a half.

Powder coating is especially relevant for girls with blond hair and thin eyebrows. Unlike tattooing and microblading, this method is used exclusively on top of natural hairs.

Nano spraying

Eyebrow waxing procedure

Nano spraying is very similar to powder spraying. Both techniques have a hardware method of applying pigment, both affect only the upper layer of the skin, without penetrating deep, and the result is also similar in beauty and aesthetics.

Nano-spraying is applied pointwise, with microscopic drops, evenly coloring the skin.

This technique consists in applying several layers, depending on the desired effect and its duration. Also, a similar spraying method allows you to hide not only scars and minor scars, but also the resulting bald spots.

The tool used in nano-spraying is also different. It looks more like a rounded dark brown eyebrow pencil.


The main advantage of such spraying is an instant and lasting result. Among other things, nano-spraying is ideal for correcting small and minor imperfections or highlighting virtues. So, most girls resort to this particular method to emphasize the lash line or lip contour.

Hair technique

Eyebrow microblading

The most common eyebrow styling technique is microblading, or hairline. It is suitable for girls who have sparse eyebrows, very light or affected by an unsuccessful tattoo.

The hair method allows you to completely create a new shape and contour of the eyebrows from scratch or instead of the previous ones.

Microblading is similar to tattooing. It is carried out using a thin needle, applying the pigment with strokes along the intended hairline and superciliary arch.

Hair technique of permanent make-up of eyebrows

After microblading, a crust may appear on the surface of the skin, but it disappears within two weeks. The procedure is not completely painless, so a professional master …

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