Expressive eyelash extensions

All the subtleties of 2D eyelash extensions: shape features, necessary materials and duration of the procedure (with photo examples 2022)

Many modern girls strive to add expressiveness to their eyes in a variety of ways. Someone puts on thick makeup, someone likes permanent make-up, and some fashionistas use natural oils that help activate dormant hair follicles.

Expressive eyelash extensions

Well-groomed eyebrows are only half the battle. To make the look tenacious and memorable, you need to properly arrange the eyelashes. Several beauty procedures can cope with this task at once.

Thick hair extensions

One of the ways to make the hairs more dense, shiny and voluminous is eyelash botox. This procedure also affects the elasticity of the eyelashes, deeply nourishes and protects the bristles from the negative effects of an aggressive environment.

Botox eyelashes

Lamination of eyelashes is also deservedly popular. After treatment with a professional composition, the hairs acquire a beautiful bend, dark color, density and shine.

Lamination of eyelashes: before and after

Classics of the genre – eyelash coloring. The procedure saturates the hairs with dark pigment, due to which they become visually longer, and the need for daily coloring disappears.

eyelash extensions

And finally, everyone’s favorite eyelash extension, after which the look becomes exciting and deep, and the holistic image is delightful and elegant. In this article, we will dwell on the 2D eyelash extension technique in more detail.

Eyelash extension 2D

What is the 2D eyelash extension method in 2022

The main difference between classic and 2D extensions is the number of artificial hairs attached to one natural one. To double the volume of natural bristles, the master glues two hairs at once to your own.

The hairs are also attached in a special way. Eyelashes are not located one on top of the other, but in such a way that their tips diverge in different directions. Thanks to this tricky technique, it is possible to make eyelashes especially fluffy. It turns out a flirtatious mischievous look. The one that attracts men so much.

The difference between classic and 2D extensions

The look becomes even more expressive if the tips of the extended eyelashes look around. Thus, additional density is obtained.

It is interesting that the effect when using a double volume of eyelashes is obtained as natural and natural as possible. But the result is amazing. Only an experienced professional lash maker can understand that a girl has made extensions. Surrounding this secret will not be noticeable.

A woman may not be afraid that the eyelashes will look too doll-like. There is no such undesirable effect with “double volume”.

The difference between 2D and 3D extensions

The positive aspects of lashmaking include:

  • instant results immediately after the procedure;
  • long, thick, gracefully curved eyelashes;
  • the admissibility of using additional design elements: pebbles and bouillons, stripes, etc. can be glued directly on the eyelashes;
  • long lasting effect.

Which extension effect to choose, each woman decides for herself. It must be tailored to the individual parameters of appearance. First of all – to the shape and size of the eyes. In order not to miscalculate, the selection should be entrusted to an experienced lash maker.

If the effect is chosen as correctly as possible, then with its help it will even be possible to visually correct some of the flaws in appearance. For example, too wide or narrowly set eyes.

Eyelashes with rhinestones

However, artificial eyelashes can weigh down natural eyelashes, blocking the access of oxygen, as a result of which the bristles become brittle and fall out. Therefore, if your eyelashes are already weakened, it is better to replace the extension with a softer procedure, such as lamination.

Eyelash extensions with arrows

When is 2D eyelash extension relevant?

Each girl decides for herself whether she needs additional volume of eyelashes.

  • If her natural hairs are healthy, strong, of normal thickness, but rarely grow, then the usual classic extension is unlikely to get the desired result. It will not give an impressive noticeable volume. Therefore, you will have to resort to a double option.
Thick and voluminous extensions

  • This option is also relevant if a woman does not want to constantly use mascara. But at the same time, she expects a bright, saturated look every day. Thanks to the procedure with a double effect, even without a gram of mascara, the eyes look great. And regardless of the time of day, the circumstances around.
Eyelashes maximum density 2D

When is it better to refuse a double volume of eyelash extensions?

  • The procedure will be completely superfluous if the woman has very thick natural eyelashes. In this case, it makes no sense for her to overpay for artificial hairs in double volume. The brightness and expressiveness of the look can be achieved with a standard classic extension.
doll long extension

  • Another option when it is better to refuse the 2D effect is with naturally weak eyelashes. Or when their health is impaired for some reason.
    For example, due to hormonal imbalance, after a long illness and / or taking medications. In these cases, increased stress can further injure natural hairs. It is also better to choose a classic eyelash extension that is light and does not weigh down the eyelashes.
Volumetric and very long extension

What types of eyelash curls does 2D eyelash extensions provide?

The curved shape of the artificial hairs is created using hot tools. Then the hair is polished, the tip is thinned, and the seven-millimeter product comes into a state of complete readiness for use.

2D lashmaking

The bristles have several varieties of shape:

  • Bend J – such an eyelash is almost straight, used to create a natural effect;
J-curve lashes

  • Bending B – the bristle is slightly curved, close to natural in shape;
B-curve lashes

  • Bend C – the hair still repeats the geometry of a natural eyelash, but its bend is more pronounced;
C-curve lashes

  • Curve D – the eyelashes are curled in much the same way as if you were shaping them with tongs, well suited for a festive look;
D-bend lashes

  • L Curve – Theatrically curved, these bristles help create a dramatic look.
L-curve lashes

It should be noted that the type of bend does not affect the cost of the procedure.

What materials are used for 2D eyelash extensions in 2022

Every fashionista must have heard of mink, silk and silicone eyelashes. However, this does not mean at all that the materials presented have the appropriate composition. Such names are rather metaphorical, and are used to focus on the length and thickness of the hairs.

Fact about eyelashes

The first eyelash extension was performed at the beginning of the 20th century. Natural human hair was used as the material. But, an attempt to make the cilia more magnificent and longer was unsuccessful.

In fact, hypoallergenic synthetic components are used to make artificial eyelashes.

Eyelash extension with 2 D effect

1. Mink styling

The 15mm bristles are designed to mimic the texture and thickness of natural hairs. They help inconspicuous thin eyelashes to gain luxurious volume. However, this will last…

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