Matte light turquoise pedicure

Amazing Turquoise Pedicure Ideas 2022 with 50+ Photos

A refreshing, unusual pedicure in turquoise tones invariably attracts interested looks. The richest palette contains both rich and deep, and bright, and soft creamy shades. This is the color of a cloudless spring sky, gentle tropical sea and calm forest lakes, giving rise to a lot of positive emotions.

Matte light turquoise pedicure

Azure pedicure, depending on the chosen shade and decor, perfectly emphasizes business and casual style, can act as a wedding design or delight with bright colors on vacation. It is not surprising that the turquoise palette from year to year retains its popularity, winning the hearts of fashionistas.

Light summer design for a white and turquoise pedicure

Summer-spring turquoise-pink pedicure

Turquoise blue gradient with rhinestones

Features of a turquoise pedicure palette in 2022

Many are lost when it comes to describing the color turquoise. In fact, this mixture of blue and green colors has a lot of halftones. There are shades closer to blue or green, there are cold and warm tones. Hence the versatility of turquoise – it goes well with all colors, suitable for both winter and summer.

Unusual matte turquoise pedicure with ombre

She has many advantages:

  • remarkably emphasizes the beauty of velvety swarthy or tanned skin;
  • a warm palette simultaneously warms and refreshes, gives positive emotions;
  • equally good at any time of the year, you just need to add a little thematic drawings or seasonal accents;
  • a matte finish applied over a turquoise base gives the nails mint shades;
  • can be used for recreation, and for a holiday, and on weekdays, working days;
  • color is considered the strongest amulet, focused on good luck in life and business;
  • the turquoise palette is strongly associated with the Tiffany jewelry house, which has chosen this gemstone as its symbol.
Elegant design of a turquoise pedicure

Experienced nail designers confidently select solutions and shades suitable for the occasion, creating a unique style that focuses on the beauty and grace of a fashionista.

Festive light turquoise pedicure with kamifubuki

Beautiful turquoise nude pedicure with rhinestones

Shiny dark turquoise pedicure with floral pattern

2022 trending designs for turquoise pedicure

Azure designs have steadfastly held the top lines of the popularity rating for several seasons. Responding to the increased interest of fashionistas, nail designers annually offer incredibly sophisticated, fresh ideas with various combinations of techniques, colors and decors. Which destinations are in the highest demand?

Blue-turquoise glitter gradient

Experienced pedicure masters answer.

Fact about pedicure

Dry pedicure is a salvation for those ladies and gentlemen to whom “wet” procedures are contraindicated. So, it is indicated for people with thin, dry, dehydrated skin on the feet.

Marble turquoise pedicure with holes

  • For a monochromatic coating, it is important to choose the right shade, since such varnishes attract the closest attention to the legs of a fashionista. You can diversify monochrome with a small number of rhinestones or single large sequins.
Bright turquoise plain pedicure

  • French has long been considered an immortal classic. In combination with a turquoise background or the finest knitting of patterns on a negative background, it looks amazing.
French with a soft turquoise background and rhinestones

  • Turquoise drawings, stains on a light background serve as excellent accents.
Pedicure with watercolor turquoise-purple stains

  • The fashion hit of the season is a whimsical mixture of color shades with a gradient effect. To do this, use shades of turquoise or combine it with other suitable colors.
Pedicure with mint turquoise ombre and rhinestones

  • In the summer, during the holidays, the nautical theme is relevant. These include abstract foam patterns, picturesque nail art, and voluminous decor in the form of starfish, anchors, and pebbles.
Fashionable marine pedicure with stains and decor

  • White color is in perfect harmony with azure. It will not be superfluous to add shiny accents in the form of sequins or rhinestones.
White-turquoise pedicure with floristry

Turquoise pedicure with white accents

  • This season, the trend is colorful drawings of butterflies, floral floristry.
Turquoise pedicure with butterfly

  • Glitter decor is a great addition to an azure or multi-colored background. Use silver and gold sequins, glitter and kamifubuki.
Light Turquoise Glitter Pedicure

  • In winter, you really want to warm up, and warm, lively shades of pedicure are in demand more than ever. One of the best options is a combination of turquoise and pink, beige, warm chocolate or burgundy.
Pink-turquoise pedicure with geometry and sparkles

  • For bold fashionistas, designers offer an amazing, atmospheric “different legs” design. Each finger is made in a special style, but in compliance with the overall composition. Or the nails of each foot are made in their own, specific color.
Fashionable pedicure with different finger designs

  • The nail plates on the big toes are an excellent, spacious platform for the implementation of creative design ideas. The rest of the nails are painted in one color or complemented with sparkles.
Light turquoise pedicure with floral accents

Festive pedicure with flower modeling and broths

  • Stripes or rhinestone inlays are excellent accents, transforming a monochromatic coating.
Gentle turquoise pedicure with rhinestones

Dark turquoise pedicure with sequins and rhinestones

  • The combination of pink and turquoise is perfect for festive occasions or carefree holidays.
Pink-turquoise pedicure with a matte top

  • Foil is a sure way to make a regular pedicure unique. The main thing is to catch inspiration!
Beautiful pedicure with gold foil and casting

Trendy turquoise pedicure with foil and stripes

Fashion photo ideas for a stylish turquoise pedicure in 2022

Nail masters recommend: when absorbing an azure palette, do not be afraid to experiment! Its richness and gentle “friendship” with most popular colors, brilliant decorations, opens up scope for the most daring and unexpected ideas.

Mint-turquoise pedicure with ombre and inlay

Light green pedicure with turquoise kamifubuki

Colored pedicure with turquoise

Original light turquoise pedicure

Green-turquoise pedicure with geometry

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