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Apartment Decor Trends: Top 5 Trends in 2021

Actual decor in the apartment: 5 trends to complement the interior

No matter how trendy and modern the interior design is, it cannot survive without decor. Rather, do not become unique, full-fledged, reflecting the individuality and uniqueness of homeowners.

In 2021, natural motifs continue to be relevant, although there are also original novelties.

Trend 1 in apartment decor: boucle

Sofa with boucle upholstery
Fashionable white chair
Stylish boucle chair
boucle fabric for furniture photo
Cool armchair in a minimalist style
Sofa in boucle fabric
Chair in the living room
Fashionable bouclé armchair

Textiles in the interior create comfort and fill the space with warmth. Previously, the most relevant material was velvet, now it is boucle.

Boucle is a rough, dense fabric, pleasant to the touch and exquisite in appearance. From it you can build new covers for chairs, order an original pouffe or pillows. Boucle is not suitable for upholstering upholstered furniture, as it is considered stretchy. However, you can choose from it a bedspread that will warm you on a cool autumn evening or winter night.

Trend 2: light wood

Wooden panels in the apartment
Wooden shelves for books
Solid wood chairs
Living room decor
Wooden table and chair
Wooden sink shelf

Fashion for natural materials, including wood, in the interior of apartments does not lose its relevance. This season, instead of dark wood, it is recommended to choose light wood, creating a Scandinavian-style interior with it.

Light wood is suitable for coffee table tops, chair legs and armchairs. From it you can order a frame for a mirror, small shelves in the living room or bath. Light wood has several advantages:

  • Practical, as scratches are not visible on it;
  • Durable if you choose dense wood species;
  • Eco-friendly, like any natural material with proper processing.

Trend 3: the color of sand and yellow straw

sand shade in the interior
yellow armchair
Pistachio vase for interior
golden table lamp
Sand towel set
Vases in the form of bottles

Yellow has become one of the main colors of 2021. However, in interior design, experts prefer not to use a sunny shade, but its natural counterpart. Sandy or yellow resin color is what can be the missing accent in the room.

A sandy sofa, pillows or curtains – this solution will not leave any of the guests indifferent.

If the furniture in such colors seems impractical, you can use the sand shade in the decor of the apartment by choosing the appropriate small accessories. Vases, napkins, candlesticks, a rug or tablecloth – all these are decorative elements that create a mood in the desired style and theme.

By the way, the sand shade is not capricious. It is combined with the main shades recommended for walls – beige, gray, olive, etc.

Trend 4: antiquity

Antique busts in the interior
Antique chest of drawers for the living room
Bust - stand for pencils
Busts as decor for an apartment
Antique decorations for an apartment examples
Interior decor in antique style

Decor objects may be non-standard. Agree, when choosing what can be placed on a cabinet, shelf or table, the hand reaches for the classic elements. These are vases, candlesticks, candy bowls.

And this is a standard option, from which designers are in no hurry to dissuade. They only ask to shift the focus towards the forms of Ancient Greece and Rome.

In addition to vases and candlesticks in the appropriate style, busts and sculptures can become decorations. The spirit of antiquity will give the apartment sophistication and authenticity, and you will feel like a real inhabitant of Olympus.

Trend 5: handmade ceramics

ceramic plates
Handmade ceramic cup
Original ceramic plates
Original home decor
Ceramic candlestick
Ceramic tableware

On the one hand, ceramic decorative elements are fragile and short-lived, but on the other hand, they are so cute and unique.

What could be more exquisite than a product created by oneself? Fill the room with memorabilia made from natural materials. Each should have a special meaning and mood. And you can also create them together with those who are dear to you. Then the space will be saturated with love and tender feelings.

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