Aqua peeling for legs technique procedures

Aqua peeling for legs: technique, procedures

Paying great attention to hand care, many for some reason forget about the beauty of the legs. The lack of basic care leads to the appearance of such troubles as dryness, cracks, corns and corns.

Among the most common causes of cracks and calluses are the following:

    • uncomfortable shoes;


    • socks or tights made of synthetic materials;


    • lack of daily care.


Our today’s conversation is devoted precisely to this problem, or rather to its elimination.

The concept of aqua peeling

You probably noticed that the main problems with the skin of the feet occur in the summer, when we all switch to open shoes. At these moments, the unsightly appearance of the feet becomes even more noticeable. Cracks and corns against the background of beautiful sandals are an unpleasant sight and cause psychological discomfort.

What is Aqua Peeling? This procedure involves treating the feet with a mixture of air and saline. Such a hardware method of skin cleansing is able to eliminate the most chronic calluses and corns, as well as remove rough skin. During the procedure, there is no discomfort.

Benefits of the procedure


It may sound loud, but aqua peeling has no drawbacks. This is the most sparing of all salon procedures, which brings with it only benefits.

A strong jet of air increases blood flow to the feet, as a result of which blood circulation is stimulated. It is clear that any metabolic processes are only accelerated. By resorting to the aqua-peeling procedure, you will forget about varicose veins and stretch marks and will be able to protect your legs from fungus.

It is important that when the solution enters the cracks, it does not cause a burning sensation and promotes faster healing of small wounds. At the same time, aqua-peeling does not have any effect on healthy skin. Compared to various pumice stones, nail files, scrapers and machines, you get rid of the risk of cutting yourself.

In addition to all of the above, you become the owner of well-groomed feet without signs of rough or cracked skin.

Procedure technique

Let’s say right away that there are three types of effects of aqua-peeling on the skin:

    • superficial;


    • average;


    • deep.


The type of exposure does not have to be chosen by yourself, you will definitely be helped by a salon master who can better determine the degree of neglect of the skin of the feet.

Before starting work, the master must necessarily disinfect the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin that will be processed. This is done using a special lotion.

The next step is the actual processing. Aqua peeling is carried out using a special device that supplies air mixed with saline. The product is delivered under very high pressure and feels like it can be compared with hydromassage of the feet. Under the influence of such treatment, dry and coarsened skin areas are removed, cracks are healed.

In standard situations, one procedure is enough to restore the softness and attractive appearance of the feet. In especially advanced cases, two or three procedures are required, and they can be repeated no earlier than three days after the previous treatment. Aqua peeling is recommended to be done twice a year – in winter and summer. However, in the presence of persistent calluses, cracks or corns that do not pass, you can visit the salon more often.

In the process of aqua peeling, there are no unpleasant sensations, only a slight tingling is possible, therefore, anesthesia is not needed. It doesn’t take much time to do it either. On average, aqua peeling takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour, which completely depends on the condition of your feet.

Aqua peeling at home

The desire to save money or distrust of the masters of beauty salons often makes you want to do everything only at home and only on your own. Well, it’s quite real.

To carry out the procedure at home, you need to purchase a special solution at the pharmacy, which is called “Aquapeeling”, and a moisturizing cream for the skin of the feet. Instructions for using the solution are on each package, you just need to follow it. After aqua peeling, apply a moisturizer to your feet. As a result, you will get the same effect as after visiting the salon, but for much less money.

Most importantly, don’t expect big problems. Start eliminating troubles immediately after they appear, without running the skin of your feet to an indecent state.

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