Atraumatic pedicure

Atraumatic pedicure

Who among the fair sex does not want the legs to be perfect, as long as possible ?! Especially on the nose – summer: the time of the year when even more eyes are turned to beauty – from the top of the head to the toes.

Faced with the problem of “consequences” from the usual types of pedicure – many people think – how to take care of the legs without injury ?! Are there any care products to facilitate this beauty event?!

Doing a pedicure in the same salon, for some time in a row, many do not attach much importance – how does the master perform it? That is, “in what ways and how” the feet are processed until “problems” begin to appear. Namely, periodic treatments of the feet with a machine with a blade (after steaming) – give, for example, the result in the form of skin growths at the treatment sites – along the entire heel, along the thumb and along the pads. They become more and more distinct, rougher and rougher, and over time it is no longer possible to “smooth out” them with any file-polishing.

Atraumatic pedicure

This is very frustrating for many, and the question arises – “how to achieve smoothness and comfort in a pedicure, excluding injuries ?!”. Basically, in beauty salons, there are two types of pedicure to choose from: “classic” and “hardware”. The only difference between these types of pedicure is that in the “classic” pedicure – all manipulations are performed manually, including steaming, cutting the steamed skin with a machine tool, and grinding with special files, and in the “hardware” – everything is repeated the same, only the grinding of the surfaces of the feet is done with a special equipment.

Few people know that a third option is possible! This is a variant of the Kart pedicure!

Kart Cosmetics

With cosmetics from the Israeli company Kart Cosmetics, pedicure turns from a simple aesthetic procedure into a healing process.

A unique pedicure performed using Kart cosmetics helps to permanently solve foot problems: hyperhidrosis, hyperkeratosis, mycosis, ingrown nails, calluses or corns. It is this type of pedicure that should be followed by clients who are pregnant, and with diabetes.

A distinctive feature of the Kart pedicure is that the possibility of foot injury during treatment is reduced to zero. The legs are heated in warm water for several minutes, wiped dry, then a special lotion is applied to the sponges, with which the master, as it were, “sticks around” the most problematic areas of the feet.

Atraumatic pedicure

And the fun begins: the legs are wrapped in a film and placed in warm socks! After about 20-25 minutes, the master removes all this and simply cleans off the skin softened by the lotion with a special spatula, then literally makes a couple of strokes with a polishing file, and……… Voila! Your feet are perfectly smooth and undamaged!

The possibilities of Internet spaces allow us to purchase this series of cosmetics for personal use and care. Also, you can always choose a salon in which there is an atraumatic pedicure service using the Kart system

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