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Autumn makeup [10 модных трендов осени] – bright or light for every day

Features of autumn makeup

First, let’s deal with cosmetics. Namely, with a palette, texture, techniques and features of the composition.

  • Autumn palette. You can try all fifty shades of brown – from delicate milk foam to dark espresso. The trend, on the one hand, is warm tones and nude eyeshadow palettes, and on the other hand, dark lipsticks (eggplant, burgundy, cherry, etc.).
  • Textures. Autumn – the traditional reign of matte textures, but products with the smallest pearlescent and shimmer particles have their own zest: a highlighter will make the skin shine from the inside, and shadows and lipsticks with a satin finish will reflect the last rays of the sun.
  • gym skin – also about the radiance, but wet, like you just got out of the gym.
  • Autumn makeup techniques. No restrictions! But in the TOP, there is definitely nude, an emphasis on naturalness and soft shading.
  • The composition of cosmetics. Look for products with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (oils, hyaluronic acid, extracts of medicinal plants), as well as SPF filters.

Fashion trends in autumn makeup

When experimenting with new ideas and looks, don’t forget to consider your color type!

nude makeup

And in warm colors. If it was not possible to sunbathe in the summer, use bronzing powder and blush. Light draping may well replace outdated contouring

Fall Makeup Trends

Fancy arrows

Graphic, colorful, with a double ponytail… Look for inspiration for autumn eye makeup on the catwalks! And remember two important rules: firstly, the eyes will appear smaller if you draw a solid line on the upper and lower eyelids. And, secondly, a drop of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow will refresh and “open up” the look.

Trendy autumn makeup with arrows

Bright autumn makeup

The Pantone Color Institute has named “illuminating” yellow and “absolute” gray as the shades of the year. Why not add them to the eyeshadow palette? Pink, orange and neon blue are also relevant.

blue makeup

natural eyebrows

Not too wide, without dramatic breaks and a clear contour. Use a pencil to draw individual hairs, and gel or mascara for eyebrows is suitable for styling.

Autumn makeup for every day

Pumpkin pie

Bet on orange! Coral lipstick will give a wow effect, especially when combined with bronzing powder, which will give the skin the illusion of a tan.

Bright autumn makeup

metal artist

Metallic shadows and eyeliners are another fall must-have, especially when it comes to gold, bronze and purple.

Beautiful autumn make-up

Kissed lips

An alternative to matte lipstick (especially in light everyday fall makeup) can be Korean “kissed lips”: apply lipstick to the central part of the lips and blend it to the contour with your finger or brush. On top, you can apply Baby Lips balm or transparent gloss.

Kissed lips effect


In a monochrome make-up, one shade is used for the make-up of the eyes, lips and cheeks. For example, pink, orange or brown. You can experiment with textures: suppose you use matte lipstick and glossy blush.

Monochrome make-up

Autumn makeup for every day: what cosmetics you need

For a light autumn make-up for every day, you will need:

Tone cream

Light textures are for daytime makeup, and denser textures are for evening makeup. For dry skin, Dream Satin Fluid and Dream Satin BB are suitable, and for oily skin, Fit Me mattifying. Normal skin can be pampered with Affinitone Cream with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

Tone cream


It will help hide dark circles under the eyes and small imperfections. Try The Eraser Eye with the patented pad applicator! In a palette of 13 shades for flawless fusion with the skin and sculpting.



Matte finish for Matte Ink liquid lipstick and Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick pencil, satin finish for Color Sensational and Hydra Extreme with collagen.



The most “autumn” palettes are The Nudes of New York and Countdown. Try our new product – Color Strike shadows in cream powder format! Durability up to 12 hours.

Shadows for autumn makeup

Liner and eyeliner

For flawless graphic eyeliners, use the long-wearing Easy Liquid Eyeliner with a flexible applicator, and for smokey eyes and color experiments, use the Tattoo Liner gel pencil.

Liner and eyeliner


Lash Sensational and Snapscara come in a range of colors including brown and burgundy.


Eyebrow products

Permanent tint Tattow Brow will save time on make-up! The Brow Fast Sculpt mascara will color and style the hairs, and the Brow Satin pencil will allow you to adjust the shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow products

How to do autumn makeup: step by step instructions

Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and blogger Lucy Chebotina have prepared a step-by-step video tutorial for you. It will help create a beautiful autumn make-up in wine shades.

So, you will need:

  • Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Highflyer.
  • Eyeshadow Color Strike in shade 15.
  • The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Lash Sensational Mascara in Burgundy.
  • Affinitone foundation, shade 09.
  • Instant Eraser Concealer, shades 115 and 145.
  • Brow Fast Sculpt Eyebrow Mascara, Soft Brown shade.
  • Gel blush Cheek Heat.
  • Superstay Matte Ink lipstick in shade 275.

Ready to get started? Step by step instructions with photos to help!

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