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Balayazh style painting at home photo and video

Balayage coloring technique for dark, blond and blond hair

Everyone who is even a little interested in fashion trends in hair coloring has heard of techniques such as highlighting, ombre (ambre), sombre, shading, booking, toning, coloring etc. Today, however, Balayazh is at the peak of popularity.

Balayazh – This is an open hair coloring technique, that is, foil or film is not used. Lightening powder is applied only to the upper part of the strand, while the master forms a certain pattern. The average strand thickness is 1-1.5 cm.

Balayage hair coloring

Literally, “balayazh” means “to sweep away.” Actually, the technique of applying paint is fully consistent with its meaning. This technique creates the effect burnt hair. The staining process starts with tipsthen paint is applied to roots, and the master sweeps it gradually along the entire length with a special brush. This results in a smooth color transition. This technique looks most advantageous on a shade of blond color. Less often you can see balayazh on dark hair and balayage on light brown hair – photo, since this type of coloring does not look so impressive on dark shades. Highlighted chestnut curls can often be dyed darker or lighter.


This type of staining is recommended to be done at least once good master. Further, you can refresh the color at home. We can safely say that balayage – one of the most gentle ways of coloringsince it is performed without foil.
This method also has types that differ from each other in the way paint is applied. But the purpose of each create the effect of natural sun glare. Among brown-haired women, bronding is especially popular. This type of staining makes it possible to look like a celebrity, because you can make beautiful, natural colors, additional volume and relief are created.


Classic way creates smooth transition from dark to light. For technique, only a difference of three tones is used.

3Shatush – technology of creation the most natural effect of burnt hair. Works well on both light curls and black. The master divides the hair into thin strands and combs each of them. The paint is applied with light strokes to create a natural look. It should be borne in mind that applying paint to straight strands is different from applying to curly curls.

Balayazh on dark hair – photo for inspiration

On the dark curls look interesting technique Venetian highlighting. At home, it is unlikely that it will be possible to apply paint so carefully. This is a gentle method of coloring, as it is done without foil. Paint is applied with a brush along the entire length or in a certain part of the head. The main thing in this method is a creative approach to creating a pattern on the hairstyle.


Balayazh on fair hair – photo

On light one of the balayage techniques looks beautiful on curls – California highlighting. The goal is to achieve a smooth transition from dark roots to light ends. Among the techniques are also known types such as degradation, flame – smooth color transitions from dark to light.

light1 light

Dyeing for short hair

How shorter haircut, the more experienced the master should be. Indeed, on long strands, the inaccuracies of applying paint are not so clearly visible, as on short hairstyles such as bob, elongated caret. The same applies to painting in the style of balayage – coloring with bangs. Front bangs are constantly in sight, so any errors will immediately be evident.


Balayazh – coloring at home for beginner hairdressers

Dyed hair in the style of balayage requires the master to have certain skills in handling paints. Except accuracy when working with the material, the specialist should think carefully color tones for a specific hair color. After all, they should be as close as possible to the original color in terms of color type.

If painting is done on our own, on the table we will need:

  • gloves;
  • crest;
  • hairpins;
  • sponge;
  • dye.


Good at first combing curls. We put on gloves and proceed to stirring the paint. Combed hair needed divide into four equal parts and secure with hairpins. The ends of each strand paintso as not to hurt the rest of the strands. We stand the time, as indicated by the instructions. Wash off neatly from the ends and we process with balm. This is a way to color your own long curls. For shorter ones, you should ask for help.

There is another scheme to paint yourself, without leaving home. It’s good to make a color on elongated and medium length (up to the shoulders) hair on your own.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • collect strands in high beam;
  • without observing a clear boundary, apply to tips clarifier(do not touch the roots);
  • for good color contrast for dark curls need 9% oxidizing agent;
  • ends with oxidizing agent wrap in foil for 15 minutes;
  • wash your hair and dry it (the tips will be reddish);
  • since the color is terrible, the ends must be tinted;
  • gentle paint is selected and applied to the ends up to 15 minutes;
  • after shampooing it is recommended to apply revitalizing mask.


Of course, the effect may not be quite the same as after the salon. But, if you learn, you can save a lot on salon procedures, the cost of which many can not afford.

Step by step photo for balayage home painting

There are many photos on the internet. already completed staining methodas well as a photo step by step for home painting balayage style. Just a few months ago, Internet fashion and beauty publications filled out photos of highlighted, colored curls of unimaginable and extraordinary shades. Especially brightly filled hairstyles for long hair, where in the balayage was pink shade. The best combination of this color will be on white and ashy tone. Balayazh in red color will look good on red haira Blue colour – on black.




Video lessons of balayage technique

If paint is to be at home, then it is advisable to study the video lesson of the balayage technique on the YouTube channel in Russian + description.

Be that as it may, the balayage technique – this is the most gentle way of coloring. If hair can’t brag health and glitterthen this is an alternative method to put them in order.


During the preparation of the material, the consultation was carried out by:

Alina Vysotskaya (hair stylist)
Alina Vysotskaya (stylist-hairdresser). Master with many years of experience in the field of hairdressing. It helps not only to change externally, but to choose an image that matches the internal state. Collaborates with famous artists and conducts individual training.

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